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“Do you do weddings?”

People ask me that sometimes.

“Oh no.  No weddings.  Just little kids.  I sit on the floor with tiny, cherub-faced children and I keep Dum Dums and Smarties in my lens bag.  I wouldn’t know the first thing about shooting a wedding.”

That was the response I gave to a friend of ours who lives in California, too, when he asked me about taking photos at his wedding this summer.

I gave him that response a few times, actually.

But boy, is that guy persistent.

The wedding was actually in Iowa, on our friend’s family farm.  It was a very intimate affair with just 30 guests.  Well, 30 guests plus my husband and me (my husband was my second shooter and general moral “you can do it” supporter … I couldn’t have done it without him).

The farm, the ceremony, the reception — everything was just so beautiful, I can’t even explain it to you.  I feel so lucky that we got to be there.  Lucky that the couple was so easy-going, even though I hadn’t taken wedding photos before.  Lucky that they managed to somehow not only let me take pictures, but also include me as a welcomed guest.  And lucky that I got to take photos of a wedding where the love absolutely pours out of each image.


The dress.  The beautiful, gorgeous dress.

pos (2) copy

The beautiful, gorgeous bride.


She was just stunning.

pos (4)

I love the 2nd picture above.  They look like people you would just want to be friends with, don’t they?

pos (5)

Yeah, a farm with a red barn is pretty awesome, I must say.

pos (6)

Just the farm in general as a backdrop — pretty awesome.

pos (7)

(psst … this is where the love radiates off the page)

pos (8)

Pretty good lookin’ groom, too, eh?

pos (9)

It was actually his awesome idea to bring the tractor out.  And I’m so glad he did.  There are even cows in the background.  They weren’t there when we first arrived, but they strolled over later, right on cue.

pos (10)

The brother (who is a great toast-giver, by the way).

pos (12)I couldn’t resist posting the bride with her mom.

Now the next three shots were taken by my husband.  And I can’t tell you how jealous I am of that 3rd one he got of the bride getting ready to walk down the aisle with her mom.

(soooo glad he caught that … I missed it from where I was standing)

pos (11)

pos (13)

pos (14)

And pretty much all of the next ceremony pictures make me weepy.

pos (15)

pos (16)

pos (17)

pos (18)

pos (19)

pos (20)

The reception was at an extremely nice restaurant in Des Moines.  I know wedding photographers aren’t supposed to eat at the reception, but I’m not really a wedding photographer, remember?  So let me just tell you that I had the best steak of my life at this reception.  Perfectly done with blue (bleu?) cheese on top.  Soooo good.

The reception was just so intimate and so relaxed for everyone who was there.

pos (21)

pos (24)

The wedding cake was a delicious cheesecake handmade by the bride’s mom.  Her mom actually made me a little, separate mini-cheesecake to bring back to my kids, too.

So, basically, she is the best mom ever.

pos (22)

pos (25)

So … I guess the answer to the question is still, “No, I don’t do weddings.”

pos (26)

But with a little asterisk that says, “although I’m so incredibly glad I did this one.”

pos (27)