Monthly Archives: March 2008

“adorable” might not be strong enough

I got to spend an hour with this little guy last weekend:


Now that is some serious blonde cuteness right there.


Little Elliot was adorable and agreeable in every way. I kind of wanted to take him home with me.


But it’s probably good that he’s not my kid, actually.

Because I’d never be able to say “no” to a face like that:


I’d say “yes” to his every whim. Our house would just be stacked to the rafters with puppies and ponies and balloons and candy.

happy “11th day of spring” to you

You know, as a life-long, native Minnesotan, I’d really like to tell you that seeing this out my window this morning — on today, the 11th day of spring — didn’t bother me:


I mean, I’d really like to tell you that.

But I can’t.


There are oh-so-many reasons not to let your kids eat at McDonald’s, you know?

And really, we try to avoid it. But occasionally, we get sucked into the fast/easy/playland-ness of it. We know it’s not healthy, but there we are … nuggets and chocolate milk in hand.

However, I now have one more frightening reason to not let your kids eat at McDonald’s:


This is the Happy Meal toy that one of my kids received.

And I know it’s a character from a movie, but still … that is just downright creepy.

McDonald’s must have done their market research, though, because the kids still like it.


Go figure.