Monthly Archives: June 2008

perfect ten

Today is my husband’s and my 10th anniversary.

I went to the place where we bought our wedding cake ten years ago and ordered a small “cake topper” in a similar design to our original cake (which was very simple) and in the same flavor.

(carrot cake with cream cheese frosting)

I wanted to surprise my husband, Jon, with it.

But when I picked up the cake yesterday, the baker told me that I had to make sure to keep it cool because of the frosting.

Okay, do you know how hard it is to hide an entire cake in your refrigerator?

I tried to camouflage it with juice boxes and a bag of shredded cheese, but for all I know, Jon saw it yesterday and just didn’t say anything (because he’s very nice like that).

(oh, delicious cream cheese frosting, you are going to taste so good in my belly with a little glass of champagne)

A good friend told me this week that the traditional gift for 10th anniversaries is Aluminum or Tin because it is flexible, but durable, just like a marriage should be.

And because it represents something that can be bent without being broken.

How incredibly appropriate.

Here’s to 10 years of continually bending and reshaping ourselves, Jon … but never breaking apart.

random tuesday facts

If you sing, “Heroes in a half shell,” to my 2 year old daughter, she will yell back, “Turtle Power!”

And really, that tells you a lot less about my daughter’s interests than it tells you about my son’s.



Speaking of my son’s interests, his favorite song right now is “In the Night” by Basia Bulat.

We listen to it in the car (every day … everywhere we drive … over and over and over again … oh my goodness) and he sings his 5-year-old heart out.

Last week, we finally went on YouTube to see the video.

As an adult, I watched the video and thought, “Hmm … crazy dream sequence video … not what I was expecting, but it could have been worse.”

But since he’s 5, my son just thought, “Awesome! Bears playing snare drums!”


And speaking of video clips (hey, this is what you might call a “stream of consciousness” blog entry), I have to link to this happy video that will remind you briefly that the world isn’t all bad.

It also kind of makes me wish I lived at their house.

You know, with the jumping and the banjo-playing and all.


Although last weekend was Father’s Day, it was actually quite momentous for me: it marked the end of my husband’s daily Wall Street Journal subscription.

I can’t tell you how much I hated seeing that newspaper stack up in our kitchen day after day.

World financial news? Great.

A pile of newspapers 2 feet high by the breakfast table? Not great.

After this, having just one, lonely StarTribune come each Sunday is going to feel like a dream.


Speaking of newspapers, every Sunday, we pull out the StarTrib and play “the birthday game.”

This is when my husband finds the USA Weekend insert and flips to the “celebrities who have birthdays this week” page.

Then he lists each celebrity and my son and I try to guess their age.

My husband: “Janet Jackson.”

Me: “Forty-four.”

My son: “Seventy-eight.”

My husband: “She’s forty-two.”

And we go through the whole list while we eat our pancakes. It’s pointless, but I kind of look forward to it anyway.

But this weekend’s USA insert didn’t have a birthday page. We flipped through it 3 times, and nothin’. I guess I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed the birthday game until it was taken away from me. Sunday morning just wasn’t the same when I didn’t get to guess how old Antonio Banderas and Christopher Walken were.


And lastly, my husband just built me a new PC and I can finally have Photoshop, Lightroom, and Outlook open at the same time without having to wait 2 minutes for each action to complete. I can’t tell you the frustration the old PC caused me over the last 6 months or so.

I worked on my first set of photos with the new PC yesterday and I think my blood pressure actually stayed in a normal range the entire time. I feel like a new person!


Over the weekend, I got the chance to take some pictures of this very nice family at the Como Lakeside Pavilion:


I had never been to the pavilion before (I live in Shakopee, remember … if I hear the words “St. Paul” or “I-94,” my ears usually start buzzing and I need to sit down for a minute). But it is a really neat place! I’m so glad they wanted to meet there.

It has a rock waterfall, a couple of docks, and the pavilion building itself is really interesting to look at.


And little 2 1/2 year old Henry had more stamina than most adults I know. He was still going strong — no tantrums, no nothin’ — after we had been walking around for almost 2 hours.


Where on earth do parents get these easy-going kids? Is there a store? Someone send me a business card.