Monthly Archives: September 2008

mary janes

Two of our friends just had little baby girls this month.  Yay!

And I couldn’t help but indulge in some ridiculously cute (and ridiculously pricey per pair) Mary Jane booties from Trumpette:


You never put shoes on newborns anyway, so why not have their little booty socks be as cute as can be, right?


Ahh … so adorable … almost makes you want to get pregnant again, doesn’t it?




While we’re on the subject of sisters, how about these two beautiful sisters:


These are actually our neighbor girls and we ran really quickly right up the road to O’Dowd Lake last week to get a picture of them fishing.  They needed a good shot to hang in their cabin up north!


Their whole lovely family is what I would consider “true Minnesotan” … from their love of fishing and trips to the lake with their family, to the way they have been wonderfully awesome neighbors to us for years now.


And the girls are so good to my 5-year-old son.  Even though they are older and wiser, they still like to play with him and they put up with his constant ramblings about Lego Star Wars.


I love it when they knock on our door to see if my son can come out and play.  I couldn’t ask for better girls for my own kids to hang out with.


Or better neighbors to have right next door.

taste of fall

Speaking of tasty fall foods…

Did you know that Honeycrisp apples were engineered right here in Minnesota?

It’s true.


They are great apples, too.  Crisp, sweet, but a little tart.

Of course, one of the best ways to eat them is prepared as apple crisp.


Although, really, is there any fruit that wouldn’t taste delicious coated in cinnamon, sugar, oats, and butter?


I’m gonna go with “no.”



Well, I won’t lie to you.

I already knew this picture was going to be in my “top 5 of 2008” folder before I even opened it in Photoshop.


These two sisters are just beautiful.  They both have that perfect, summer sun-soaked hair and those big, gorgeous eyes.  And look at the expression on the little one’s face.  Oh man, she looks like she just drew all over your wall with markers, but KNOWS she’s so dang cute, you’ll just laugh.

The whole family is beautiful, by the way.


I mean, really.  We should all be so lucky.


I had a great time visiting their lovely home and following the girls around.


They put up with me quite nicely.


I don’t know.  I just can’t stop posting pictures.


My index finger keeps heading toward the “publish” button.


They’re all so cute!


Ahhh, that is going to make one heckuva holiday card…


cuteness with free refills

Are you ready for a cute one-year-old?

Okay, you might want to shield your eyes a little … on account of the cuteness.

Or maybe just close one eye so your brain isn’t overwhelmed.



Ta da!

Look at that face!  Those PERFECT lips and that PERFECT skin and those BIG brown eyes.

Would it be weird if I framed this and put it in my own living room?

Don’t answer that.

This cutie apple didn’t fall far from the tree, by the way.


Her mother is gorgeous.

Okay, I’ll leave you with two more, just so you can soak up enough cuteness to help get you through your day:



See?  Your cuteness meter is back up at “full.”  Now all you need is a soy latte and you’re set.

the perfect month

As much as I hate the fact that it means winter is coming, I really do love the month of September.

September and May, man.  They are the only two reasons why people stay in Minnesota, I swear.  If we didn’t get to have such beautiful Septembers and Mays each year, we’d all live in Fiji, I just know it.

Over the weekend, our little family had a campfire in the field behind our house.  We had some watermelon and roasted some hot dogs.  Then the neighbor girls came over and we made s’mores.

I really mean it when I say I love this time of year.

Plus, it’s finally cool enough outside to make chili again.

Chili fixin’s right after plopping them in the crockpot at 8am.

Finished chili at 5pm, after cooking for 9 hours.

So good.

September?, you redeem at least 4 or 5 of your fellow calendar months.

Nice work.

it’s a (16×20) wrap!

I couldn’t help myself.  I had to quick snap a picture of this oh-so-lovely 16×20 canvas gallery wrap before it was picked up by its new owners.


I love the picture they chose and that they did it in black and white.


Their wrap is 1 1/2 inches deep with a matte finish and I think it will look great in the nursery and move effortlessly to any room in the house as their family grows.


I love it!  So fun.  Ahhhh, I wish I could deliver gallery wraps every day…