Monthly Archives: November 2008

cutie in red

I would like to introduce you to the happiest 18-month-old on the block:


Seriously.  He was giving me hugs and holding my hand and just a general cutie while we walked around Hyland Lake Park Reserve.

Not to mention, he was a bit of a ham to the camera (which is incredibly awesome for this age):


What a total sweetie.


And we had a great fall day for our session.  Tons of leaves and some really nice, mild weather.


His parents didn’t even say anything when I got us semi-lost on the trail.  His dad just gently pointed us toward the exit.


I never was much of a map-reader.


Super nice family.  Super cute kid.  Kind of wish I could bottle that session up and save it!

remembering my consumerism

Here are some random things I’ve been reminded of this week:

That I have a nice bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume that I should really wear more often.


Why did that pop into my head?  Well, I’ll tell you…

I was in the kitchen, lingering over a photo of Patrick Dempsey, who was hocking his new fragrance on the front of the Avon catalog.


And my 5-year-old came in and asked me what I was doing.  And since I couldn’t say, “Drooling,” I told him I was considering buying the cologne in the ad, which led us to a conversation about perfumes and colognes, which led me to pull out the bottle of Chanel to show him what it was, which reminded me that I should really wear it more often.

And also reminded me to rip off the cover of the Avon catalog before throwing it into the recycling bin.


Yesterday, I put on my Itsy Bitsy necklace from The Noisy Plume, which reminded me that I still really want a set of her Tiny Shiny earrings, too.

So I need to mention that to Santa.

Because cute, little earrings are not always on Santa’s radar, you know.


And thinking about (again!) made me remember that I am still TOTALLY PINING for the Belle & Boo “Lola Freedom” print.



And all of those things reminded me that my checkbook is very modest and since I do plan on sending my kids to college someday, I should probably just sit down with a bowl of ramen noodles and try to forget about all of those things.

Except Patrick Dempsey, obviously.

sweet brothers

Well hello there, extremely cute one-month-old baby.


And how are you today?

Looks like you’re feelin’ pretty darn content in mama’s arms:


And how about you, extremely cute new big brother?:


How’s big-brother-hood treating you?


Pretty well, I think.

I’m telling you, these two brothers were cute, people.  VERY cute.



And their parents’ house was WAY too clean for people who have a new baby to take care of.  I have no idea how people manage that.  I think I forgot how to dust until my first born turned 1.

Cute kids.

Sweet kids.


Can’t really ask for more than that now, can we?

desktop easel

I wanted to quick share a “desktop photo display” idea with you (a great photographer out East had this idea and I thank her profusely for coming up with it!):

Let’s say you want to hang up 500 photographs of your child at the office, but you can’t do that without your co-workers thinking you’re nuts, right?  What’s a parent to do?


This desktop easel displays 5×7, textured, styrene-mounted images of your child in a simple, classic way.  You can switch to a new photo any time you are moved to, and even add more mounted photos to your collection from future photo sessions as the years go by.


You may choose 3 to 10 of your favorite photos from your child’s session to be included in the set.  Tuck the photo box in your top desk drawer and you’re all set to have a fresh image of your child’s face with you all day long.


Plus, your co-workers can rightfully ooh and ahh.  I certainly would ooh and ahh.

I also think this would work great on an end table or as a unique gift for grandma and grandpa.

P.S.  I haven’t blogged about the red-sweatered cutie in these photos yet, but I will shortly.

lumpy (which kind of describes me, as well)

A lovely internet friend of mine sent me some treats from Washington DC this week.

Here is one of the packages:


I’d show you the delicious caramel, peanut, nougat, chocolate bar that was INSIDE the package, but … uh … the chocolate bar is sort of indisposed right now.


By the way, it amazes me that someone I’ve never met in person has me so pegged in the candy department.  It’s like she opened up my brain and peeked into the “happy corner” or something.

(thanks again, Maria!)

french park

This little guy just turned two.  And boy, is he cute.


His parents took me to French Regional Park in Plymouth for their session.  I had never been there, but it was really nice.  Plus, we went closer to sunset, so we got some of that lovely gentle sunlight, which always makes for great pictures.

I don’t think you could have matched this family’s outfits to the surroundings much better than this, either.  It worked out really well.



I love this one:


Those hazel eyes.  That dimple.  Ay yai yai.


Thanks for the fun session, cutie pie!

more loveliness

Okay, I was going to amass more photos first, but I have to quick show you these two wraps that I just shipped off to their new home in Iowa:


They picked the best pictures, I love it.  The close-up of the boys and then the whole family just hangin’ out.  I think these will just look so nice on the wall together.

The front wrap is a 12×18, 1 1/2 inch deep, matte finish, and the back wrap is a 16×20, 1 1/2 inch deep, matte finish.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.  The family, I mean.

And the wraps aren’t bad, either.