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one (times two)

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to photograph some very cute twins who had just turned 1.  Their parents were looking for some photos of the boys at home, just being themselves.

And we had a good time doing just that.

We kind of made our way around the house.  A little reading time with big sister:


A little bit of music time (their dad was playing the piano for them … he is a very good piano-player, I must add).


A trip up to mom and dad’s room:



And so on.

We just kept moving along when it seemed like it was time.


These boys have some crazy-beautiful blue eyes, by the way:




And if you can believe it, I think that by the time I finished editing the photos, I could actually tell which twin was which.  It was difficult because they were both cute and expressive and had completely pinch-able cheeks:


And even though their big sister had recently had some portraits taken, I still couldn’t resist snapping at least a couple shots of her.


This is my favorite.  I think they should use her likeness for the next American Girl Doll.  She’d be perfect:


It was a nice, relaxed hour with a very nice, relaxed family.  A great way to spend the morning.


there is always time for chocolate

Okay, a quick post about cookies (I can always make time to post about food):

My friend, Amy (you hear a lot about Amy here … she’s full of good ideas), emailed this link to me.  She sent it because she knows that I make these cookies, too, and thought I would get a kick out of the fact that Abdallah is selling them for $1.50/each.

$1.50/each?  Puh-leeze.

You can make 80 of these cookies for under $5.  Here’s how:

Buy a package of chocolate almond bark.


Melt 6 or 8 squares of it on low heat.


Dip a whole package of oreo cookies in the chocolate and set them on wax paper to cool and harden.


Voila.  You just saved yourself $120 plus shipping.


And I have no idea why — because I don’t even LIKE oreos that much — but these cookies are awesome.   I could eat 15 in a sitting.  I think I have eaten 15 in a sitting.

And if you’re crafty, I’m sure you could decorate them for Valentine’s Day, too.  But personally, I’m less about the craftiness and more about the eatingness.


I honestly can’t believe it’s 2009.

I think 2008 was the fastest year ever.  And the last month of it went by like a speeding bullet.

It probably didn’t hurt that I was completely engrossed as the last few days of 2008 passed us by:


It took me 7 days to read all 4 books.

My husband said, “So how many pages was that?”

Me:  “About 2,400 pages.”

Him:  “So, you gonna crack open the Bible next?”


So now it’s January and I just wanted to mention that my blog posts are probably going to be a little sparse this month, compared to previous months.  I need to finalize and submit my sales tax to the state and spend some quality time redesigning a few cards and sleeves.

But I’m still here and I’ll pick up the posts with more regularity after I wade through some of these “administrative duties.”

Maybe my New Year’s resolution in 2010 can be to get an assistant!

Yes, that would be good.  I’d have more time for blogging then.  And maybe even enough time to finally dip into the Harry Potter series…