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I’m here.

I have no excuse for my non-post-ey-ness this month.  Well … I did go to Florida for a week.  And my husband was out of town for a bit after that.  And it was my birthday a few days ago.   Do any of those buy me any leniency?   No?

Hmm … well, there was a snowstorm, also.  And I had to shovel for, like, 16 hours in order to get in the driveway.  How ’bout that?  Still no?…


My birthday was pretty low-key, but my friends were all quite nice to me.

Some of them gave me delicious food items.


It’s like they know me or something.


I think the schedule at our happy little home is all back to normal now, so I will stop blog-glecting this page now.  Promise.

wood gallery mounts

One of my goals this winter is to re-do my product/pricing section on the website.

Of course, I haven’t done that yet.

Because I’m all Talk and all To-Do Lists, but essentially very easily distracted by working on the pretty pictures…

However, I still want to share with you a nice, new product that I KNOW will end up in the final lineup.  These 3/4 inch deep, frameless “gallery mounts” are very similar to the lightweight standouts, but they are mounted on beveled wood instead.


And I totally love them.

Above is the first sample I ordered.  The picture is of my own kids and I actually snapped the picture in our living room the morning that I ordered because I was in such a hurry to see what one of these would look like.  And I love the way it turned out.  I plan to order two more 10x10s just like this one and then hang them in a column in our kitchen.

The image is mounted on 3/4 inch beveled wood and then the whole piece is sealed for protection and longevity.  You have the option of either a white or black beveled edge.


I really couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

I ordered a black-edged 11×14 after receiving the white one above.  I added a border to this one, rather than having the image run all the way to the edge.


It turned out great.


Here is what the back looks like with its pre-drilled nail or screw holes.


And a view of both gallery mounts from the top, so you can see the 3/4 inch depth.


Love them.  So much.  They’re sort of irresistible.  I want more.

Now the trick will be to keep myself from ordering thirty or forty of these for the house.  Or figuring out to hang them all in some spot where my husband won’t notice…