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sneak peek

I won’t finish editing these until later this week, but I had to post at least ONE picture from today’s newborn session.


Plus, this might keep my friend, Julie, off my back for a few days.

(love you, Julie!)

a sunday session

I recently had the opportunity to take photos of a lovely baptism ceremony at St. Edwards Catholic Church in Bloomington.

I don’t do a lot of event photography, but boy, do I have a soft spot for baptisms.  And this one was very special — for two brothers from a great family that I got to know from a photo session last year.

This is the younger brother while his mom and grandma were getting him dressed in his baptismal outfit.


Angelic, for sure.


This is the older brother, sitting quietly through the friar’s talk at the beginning of the ceremony.  I don’t know if you can tell, but he has his heels pulled out of his loafers.  This made me chuckle.  And made me think, “new shoes,” while I was watching him.


The little guy kept himself busy during the beginning of the ceremony, too.  He kept checking out the baptismal pool:


I told you that I have a soft spot for baptisms and this is why:  I think that no matter what your religious beliefs are, it’s hard to deny the power of a family coming together and committing to guide a child through life.

That is the part that always gets me.

And that is what I love about these 2 pictures:



And the next one would be the serendipity shot of the day.  Grandma giving her grandson a kiss:


I love the way the little guy is looking at his baptismal candle.  I won’t spell out the meaning that can be seen there … I think you can grasp it without any explanation.


It was a great ceremony and the friar was a gem for never once making me feel badly about hovering around in the background, taking pictures.

And I loved that he closed the ceremony by making the whole family laugh with a little splash of water.


I have to say, sometimes being a fly on the wall (with a camera) is very nice way to spend the morning.

they should bottle it and sell it

There must be something good in the Shakopee water because there sure are a lot of cute 3-month-olds out here.


This little sweetheart was a cutie, for sure:


Plus, I love her mom’s hair.  And if those are natural highlights, I don’t want to know about it.  It will just make me more jealous.

Big Sister was ridiculously cute, too.  And since I’m a total sucker for a non-smiling pic, I have to share this one:


I love it.

But actually, she was very happy and a total dear to her little sister the whole time I was there, even reading her some books.


Yup.  Definitely something in the water out here…


Also, I am behind on blogging a bit.

And I’ll tell you why:

We made the decision to put our house on the market a short while ago.

Which is kind of like the decision to go on the television show “Survivor.”  From a distance, it seems like a good idea.  You’ve seen other people do it … it doesn’t look so bad … you’re pretty sure you can hack it.

But then Jeff Probst drops you off on that beach with nothing but a machete and an empty canteen and you realize what you’ve done.  And you sort of wish you had just stayed back home and watched the show from your comfortable couch.

Okay, well maybe analogies aren’t my strong point.

But you get the idea.  Putting our house on the market has kind of been like that.  And man alive, is it time-consuming.  So I’m all behind on blogging and I’m missing a few sessions on here, but I will catch up eventually.

Once my tribe has spoken and they kick me off of this bug-infested island.

happy easter

This morning, I pilfered from the kids’ Easter baskets to recreate my favorite Easter joke of all time:


It makes me laugh every time.

Or maybe that is just the jelly bean sugar high setting in.

Either way.

Happy Easter to you and yours.  I hope you have a wonderful day with family and enjoy this beautiful weather.

stay-at-home-mom Barbie

While cleaning the house last week, I came to the conclusion that the Barbies in our home must be somehow multiplying themselves.

They’re everywhere.


One of the dolls I came across looked particularly frazzled:


Poor girl.

You kind of get the feeling that Ken has been out of town on business for a week and Barbie’s been home alone with their 3 kids.

It’s okay, Barbie.  We’ve all been there.

And I, for one, award you major bonus points for still managing to put on eyeshadow and a ballgown.