Monthly Archives: May 2009

a very, very, very fine house

I swear I am still here.

But remember how I was selling my house?  Well, it sold.


And now I’ve been completely consumed with packing it up and cleaning it.

And feeling all sad and nostalgic and having a teeny, tiny touch of seller’s remorse.  But that is normal, right?  Because I really do love our house.  I loved it the whole 8 years we lived in it.  It’s the house we worked on and made our own.   The house we brought our babies home to.  The house where we grew from happy couple to happy family.

But … as the neighbor girl said to me today:  “When it’s your time for change, it’s your time for change.”

She is a wise neighbor girl.

Dangit … another reason I’m going to miss that house.

all the pretty flowers

This is all I have for today:


My 3 year old.  In her cowboy boots.  Wearing a dress that is too small (but that she still insisted on).  Donning a headband that she stole out of my drawer.  And blowing “candy-lions” across our field.


Yep.  Love her to death.

5 days new

So you already saw one picture of this little guy, but there’s no way I can’t post some more of him (and yes, I believe I just used a double-negative in that sentence … but that is simply because cute babies mush up my brain).


I love how newborns have the cutest, tiniest diapers and then they’re STILL too big on their adorable, little bodies.

This beautiful 5-day-old is the baby of a friend of mine and he has the best name ever:



Love the name.

Love the baby.

How can you not love this baby?


He makes you want to have more babies.


Admit it.

(love the green hospital nuk in the next picture)


Such a lucky boy, born to such a wonderful Mama and he doesn’t even know it yet.


He got pretty lucky in the big brother department, too, I might add.


Welcome to the world, little guy.  You’ve got it good — in fact, it doesn’t get much better than this.


sometimes i ramble

 I got to hang out with a couple of brown-eyed cuties last weekend.


And geez louise, it’s sort of overwhelming when they both focus their brown-eyed cuteness in your direction at the same time:


They were actually really funny; I was surprised how many shots I was able to get of them together.  Because I swear, sometimes siblings under the age of 5 have those “polar opposite magnets” inside of them.


One of my favorites of the two of them is actually this “roughhousing turned south” moment:


Because every parent out there KNOWS this moment.  It starts out all fun and laughing and then you SEE it start to nosedive into someone crying.

As a side note:  I think we are constantly in a “roughhousing turned south” moment at my house.  My kids trick me into thinking they are playing nicely with each other and then all of a sudden, someone is claiming an “arm poke” and hanging on my pant leg, crying their eyes out.

But I digress.

I caught another roughhousing moment, though.  And the last shot melts my heart — he just looks so truly happy to be with his Dad.


I absolutely love it.