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up north

I recently spent a wonderful weekend with my good friend and her family at their family’s lake home up north (everything is “up north” in Minnesota, right?).

It was a really fun weekend and we also squeezed in a photo session for her two adorable children.  This shot was taken later in the day and I love how both kids are looking toward the setting sun.


And little Rylie is not so little anymore!  So ladylike, I love it.  Look how her top foot is tucked over the bottom one in that 2nd picture.  Perfect.


And Noah is getting even more handsome.  And such a good big brother.  Even tolerant of Little Sister Tackles.


The next one is my absolute favorite picture of Rylie.  Her hair in the wind, her feet kicked up, and her porcelain face looking so perfect.  I love it.


And this is my favorite picture of the kids together.  I love Noah’s big ol’ laugh and Rylie with her head laid down and that sweet expression on her face.  Plus, those flowers rock.  I wish I had a green thumb like that.


What great backdrops we had for pictures of these great kids.

Many thanks to my friend, Amy, for having my family and me up for the weekend.  I’m so glad we had the chance to capture the kids at their special place on the lake.

And real quick, I have to say a special thank you to my husband for helping with this session.  He was an awesome assistant.  If I had a payroll, I’d put him on it.

a family visit

I had a couple of large family sessions at the Arboretum this month and this particular session was very special.

First:  because … well … look at these brothers:


And second:  because their little cousin (and his mom and dad) came all the way from California for a visit with their family.

And wow, they should have put this little guy on the cover of that Happiest Baby on the Block book, don’t you think?

Happiest.  Baby.  Ever.


You know, a large group shot like the one below — with everyone looking natural and relaxed (and in the same direction!) — is not an easy feat when it includes 4 small children.  I’m not sure how they did it.  My theory is that the parents had hidden ‘child remotes.’  But I can’t prove it.


I really did love these 3 brothers.  The picture of the older boys climbing the wall is SO TOTALLY “BOY.”  I love it.


And their little cousin was practically edible in his cuteness.


Plus, the boys’ grandma gave me a hug in the parking lot after the session was over.

And stuff like that just makes me happy.

Great family.  Great photos.  And lucky me that I got to hang out with them.

one week

This beautiful baby boy was only a week old when we took his newborn pictures.  I love this image of him being held by his Dad (in front of that awesome blue wall, no less):


The picture below-left is one of my favorites from this year.  I love his perfectly shaped head and his tranquil face and the neutral tones of the whole scene.


Cute, tiny baby hands and feet.


What a gorgeous little boy.


They can’t stay this small forever … and really, watching them grow is the best part.  But the wonderful thing is that we can capture their tiny perfection now and always have it to look back on.

good ship lollipop

These 5 cousins were great — I love this lollipop shot and the fact that their shirt colors give the whole picture a wonderful, happy “candy store” feeling.


I had fun with the kids (seen yelling here)…


and their parents (also seen yelling here).



Easy-going parents make for relaxed kids and great, easy-going pictures.


And these guys were just an all-around great, big, fun and easy-going family.


vintage dorothy


My daughter likes sparkly shoes.

What can I say.

pardon my dust

I’m changing the blog layout!  So that I can post larger images!  WOO HOO!

I’ll be fiddling around with the blog layout over the next week or two (changing fonts, moving things around, etc), so please ignore anything funky that you might see.  I will get it all tidied up as soon as possible.

But for now, I will enjoy being able to post larger images.

Because LOOK AT ALL OF THIS OPEN SPACE!  Oh man, this is like getting bumped up to first-class on your flight, stretching your legs out in front of you, and leaning your seat back as far as it can possibly go while you wait for your tiny hot towel to arrive.

Luxurious, I’m tellin’ you.  Luxurious.

i might need more walls

Okay, I wasn’t able to resist the dandelion picture.

Well, I resisted for, like … oh … about a day or so.

But then I had it made into a 10×24 canvas gallery wrap.


I had been wanting something long and skinny so this image was a perfect fit.

The fun part will be finding the perfect spot to hang it, of course.  Wandering around the house with a hammer and a nail for an hour or so.  What, that isn’t how you guys do it?…

I also thought I’d post a picture of two 16×20 wood gallery mounts that I also did for our little family a while back.  You’ve seen this particular picture of my kids before, but the picture of me and my husband was actually taken by my then-5-year-old (now-6-year-old … I can’t seem to stop him from getting older … believe me, I’ve tried).

Our little family of four.

Makes me happy.


I figure at some point in the future, I will run out of wall space and start hanging portraits in the garage.

The neighbors will think we’re insane.

It’ll be great.