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round two

My cousin was back in town last week and this time we did a “proper” photo session with lovely little Svea.


The last time we saw her, she was just 7 months old.  Now she’s almost 1 1/2 years old and apparently she spent the last 9 months in Maryland just focusing on getting cuter.

It’s definitely working for her.

She should teach seminars.

And that adorable thumb-sucking shot above deserves a closer look:


Wow, I love that.  With her hair all backlit and the starry sun coming through the leaves in the background?  Yeah.  I’ve already put that in my “very favorite photos ever” folder.

We went to the Landscape Arboretum, which is always such a nice place for photos.  The backgrounds are lovely and it’s one of those locations where I never have to worry about catching a parked car or a light pole in any shots.  You wouldn’t think it, but these are the things that keep me up at night.

And it’s just so nice when the kids can roam and look at whatever strikes their fancy.


Svea actually brought along two friends with her for these photos.

Her 2-year-old buddy:


And her buddy’s handsome 4-year-old brother:


They were cute.  REALLY cute:


I love the white dress.  It makes for lovely, contrasty black-and-whites.  Of course, her extremely cute self makes for lovely black-and-whites, also.


I know my cousin and her husband and Svea had many, many people to visit during their short trip to Minnesota.  But I am really glad that there was time to catch some images before they headed back East.

Because missing out on this just wouldn’t have been right:


cutest hair this side of the mississippi

I met an adorable little 1-year-old earlier this month.

Look at these blue eyes.  Aren’t they beautiful?


And the hair!  Her hair is so cute!


I really enjoyed meeting this family and was so impressed with how laid-back the parents were.  I was always a bit, shall-we-say … “high strung”? … with my own Child Number One.

But these guys were totally easy-going and made my whole visit really comfortable and fun.


And, of course, they all three make such a handsome family that taking their picture was … well … like taking candy from a baby.



Okay … so … boy/girl twins.

Seriously, who gets this lucky?


Oh man, I had fun holding these two 9-day-olds for pictures last month.

I filled up my baby tank extra full during this session (a wonderful side benefit of photographing newborns!).

And I usually try to avoid “nuk” pictures, but these two were so dang cute with their little pacifiers.  You know, this might actually be the first time I’ve purposely put nuk pictures into someone’s final gallery of images.  They were just so cute, though, I had to…


I was completely worn out by the end of our session, which makes me extra appreciative of the wonderful parents of these two beautiful babies.  I barely lived through the newborn phase with my own singleton babies, so kudos to those who pull double duty.  That has to be insanely difficult.

But oh-so-rewarding.


a brief summer intermission

I am headed out for a weekend away with 4 of my girlfriends.

And I am bringing only the essentials.


Have I mentioned that I like to dip things in chocolate?

(I’m bringing dipped Oreos this weekend, too, don’t you worry).

Back to work next week, but in the meantime, it’s going to be heavenly, relaxing, sleeping-in bliss.  Plus chocolate.  And good friends.  And what could be better than that.


Happy 4th of July!

I kind of think the 4th of July might be the best holiday of the year in this state because a) it’s during the summer, b) you don’t have to clean and decorate your house or bake a turkey, and c) you can hang out with friends while eating brats and starting things on fire in your driveway.

I mean, really.  What could be better.

For those of you “up north” this weekend (which is, like, everyone in the state), I have to post a few pictures from our visit to my friend’s family lake home a couple of weeks ago.


Above is my friend’s husband and my husband (holding up a little fish, it looks like!) doing some evening fishing.


The docks at sunset.


And the fishing boat and pontoon parked for the night.

Ahhhh … summer in Minnesota is like summer nowhere else.  Because Minnesotans know how to milk every last drop of goodness out of our 90 days of perfection each year.  And after enduring 6 (or 7) months of winter, we deserve every last minute of our beautiful summers.

Happy 4th of July.  Be safe.  Have fun.  And enjoy this great time of year.


P.S.  These photos were taken at South Bay RV Park in Rush City, Minnesota.  The grounds there are really beautiful and if you are looking for a great place to enjoy your Minnesota summers, take the short drive up and check them out!