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be right back

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up in my personal life.

It’s like the Stars of Change and Activity (the good Stars of Change and Activity … not those bad ones that sometimes come around) have all aligned and are pointed directly toward my family and me.

RedCanoeThe Red Canoe ~ Duck Lake ~ Eden Prairie, MN

And I know that updating this blog with new posts is going to fall to the very bottom of my To Do List.

fastfrogFast Frog ~ On The Deck

So I am going to play one of my Get Out of Blog Free cards, if that’s okay.

flowerBee on Sunflower ~ My Dad’s Garden

Be sure to enjoy these last moments of summer while I’m gone, okay?

Back in a bit…

cuteness revisited

You might remember seeing pictures of this handsome little man back near the beginning of the year.

During the dead of winter, in fact.

It was definitely nice to catch some pictures of him enjoying warmer weather.


Egads, he’s cute.

His mom is gorgeous, too.


(doesn’t she look like the most fun mom ever?)

And let us not forget little sister.  With the curls and the little, white teeth, and the blue eyes.  It’s like the trifecta of 9-month-old cuteness.


And it’s not shocking that this handsome family photographs well together.

(do you think anyone would notice if I stole this photo for my own holiday cards? … No? …)


However, this is actually my favorite family shot from the morning:


early fall

My family usually heads South down 169 when it’s “apple orchard time” in Minnesota.

But this year, we tried something new and headed West.  We went to Deardorff Orchards in Waconia.


It was a great place — not too busy, but still big enough that the kids had lots to do.  We took a wagon ride out to the orchard and let each kid pick a bag of apples.  Then we headed back to the store to check out some of the homemade apple products.

Oh man, apple butter on warm toast?… one of my absolute favorites.

orch (1)

The kids each picked out a flavored honey stick, too.

orch (2)

Next to the store, there were some horses, a couple of bunnies, and these two very skeptical goats.

orch (3)

The other nifty thing we learned about this orchard is that they just opened a winery this year.

The grand opening of Parley Lake Winery was this weekend and since we were already there, my husband and I decided to participate in one of their wine tastings.

We were able to taste 4 wines (and even bring home our wine glasses!).

Of course, the wines were so tasty that we bought 2 bottles and brought those home, too:

orch (4)

What a nice way to enjoy an early Fall afternoon with the kids.  A wagon ride, trying out some local wines, visiting with some farm animals, and, of course, bringing home some delicious Minnesota-grown apples.

orch (5)

pretty in pink

I hardly even know what to say about this cutie pie.

nat (1)

She was SO incredibly happy and go-with-the-flow during our session last month.  She led her mom, grandparents, and me all around the grounds and kept herself (and us) pretty entertained.

nat (2)

What a beautiful, beautiful girl.

nat (3)

I love the total range of her expressions.

From serious…

nat (4)

…to flat-out happy.

nat (5)

And I need to quick thank her mom for the very easy-going, fun conversation and her grandparents for offering to tote around my lens bag in the empty stroller.  It was a total luxury to shoot without having to pick up, put down, pick up my bag the whole time.  A girl could get used to being spoiled like that.