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from our house to yours…

… happy Thanksgiving.

May you have safe travels, sweatpants with elastic waistbands, and many leftovers.


thank you

My husband just returned from an almost-3-week trip to London and India.

It was a long 3 weeks without him.  The house was lonely, the tasks were overwhelming, the kids were squirreley, and I was just generally out of sorts — worried about him and tired and stressed — the whole time he was gone.

But I was really lucky to have some great help from some great friends.  They brought over food, took my kids off my hands, invited me over, came to my house to hang out, and emailed, called, and texted me just to check in and make sure things were going all right.

So I have to quick say thank you to the people who let me lean on them:  Patti, Rose, Laurie, Chris, Katie, Amy, Steve, Shelly, Sarah & Wally (sorry about dinner!), and mom & dad.

You made it bearable.  Thank you for being there.


happy boys

This little guy was a cutie inside…DSC_0840two… and outside.

DSC_0954 copy

My lands, those blue eyes are stunning.


His older brother was pretty darn cute, too, I must say.


Plus, he gave me my favorite shot of the day.


the short and tall of it

So remember those wood gallery mounts?

Well, I can also do “mini” mounts.

And boy, are they cute:


This is a 5×7 mini-mount with a little stand attached to the back so you can display it on your desk at work or your end table at home.

I love it.  I think it would be the perfect gift for that doting grandparent.

Of course, sometimes you need to go bigger.

DSC_9714big copy

I haven’t posted a canvas wrap in a while, so I thought I’d share this one.  It is a 24×36 of that same awesome family photo that I was going to steal for my own holiday cards, remember?  I know you do.

I just love the canvas wraps so darn much.

DSC_9718big copy

It’s a toss-up now.  I love them both.


And while we’re on the subject, I ended up purchasing a 24×36 wood gallery mount for myself, too (don’t you feel sorry for my husband? … I’m always buying stuff for the walls).

I just loved that state fair picture so much, I had to do it.



For any photography enthusiasts out there, I’d just like to mention that this state fair swings picture was taken with my old back-up camera (the one I bring for our family outings, since I’m too chicken to bring the camera I use for sessions) and the cheapest, little lens I own:  a 50mm f/1.8.

I was holding my 3-year-old and two bags of cotton candy in my left hand and the camera in my right hand.

It’s not always about having the best, top-of-the-line equipment.  I think sometimes it’s just about seeing the moment and catching it … with a bit of luck.

has 102.9 started the holiday music yet?

Well, I hate to be the one to bring this up…

…but Christmas is just 7 1/2 weeks away.

I know.

I feel the exact same way.

So if you had a session this year and haven’t already ordered holiday cards, please keep in mind that we can always put together a nice card for your family before the holidays are here.

Below are some samples of my 5×7 folded cards (printed on textured, linen paper).  However, I can also do just two-sided cards (front and back), or regular one-sided photo cards.  Drop me an email for details.

Now … go start making your holiday shopping lists!









(wording and colors are changeable, of course)