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year end

If you can’t spend part of your holiday break in your pajamas playing Wii MarioKart, then what’s the point, right?



Happy new year to you and yours!  I hope you have a safe, happy holiday.

On a business-ey note:  I am running my new brochures and pricing cards tomorrow … finally … after hemming and hawing over them for an entire month.  Also after being completely distracted by all of the Christmas cookies for an entire month.

Oh-so-many Christmas cookies.

The packages for 2010 are slightly different:  there is a digital package in addition to a traditional package.  There is also a credit for returning families.

If you would like information (or would just like to pass the information on to a friend), feel free to drop me your address (email:  katharine at and I would be pleased as punch to mail out a shiny new brochure and pricing card to you (okay, they’re not actually shiny … they’re on linen paper … but you know what I mean).

There is even a coupon!  Can you believe it?  I know, I know … 2010 hasn’t even started yet and look at all this craziness.

Thanks so much for your blog visits this year.  I love your comments and emails — you guys make me smile.

Here’s to a wonderful 2010.

because santa is saving to send his elves to college

Hope your holidays are wonderful and sweet.


This Milk Carton Gingerbread House is courtesy of my 1st grader who would like an “archery set, book clip-light, and Play Station 3” for Christmas.  Hopefully he’ll be okay with Santa only getting 2 out of 3 this year.

my two

So do you guys all do that thing where you snap a picture of your kids, decide “I’m going to use this one for our holiday cards!”, and then proceed to “hide” that picture from the world (you don’t email it to your mom, you don’t post it on facebook, you don’t use it as your twitter* profile pic) until after your holiday cards have been mailed?

Do you do that, too?

Am I crazy?

Wait, don’t answer.

Below are the pictures I used for our family’s holiday card this year.  And since the cards are SAFELY IN THE MAIL, I am okay to post the photos here, right?

We did folded cards without too much embellishment; however, below I have the images in some 8×10 frame borders, just for fun.  I love these borders, by the way.  They are awesome for 8×10 prints that you are framing side-by-side; it really ties all of the images together.  And paired with white frames, they look totally adorable in a child’s bedroom.



I snapped these pics in our backyard a few weeks ago after the kids got home from school.  In hindsight, I probably should have changed their clothes first, but I still like the pictures despite the kids’ kind of wonky outfits.

I didn’t actually put the 4th image in our card.

But I love it so much.

This 3-year-old and 6-year-old are very attached to each other and that picture represents them very truly.

Hmm … I might actually have to find some wall space for that one.  My husband will be SO PLEASED!

*I don’t actually twitter … I’m not that hip … but it sounded good when I was typing

good kids

These two kids were so easy to hang out with.

Kudos to their parents for raising a 7 and 10 year old who are so polite and fun and willing to humor a total stranger who showed up at their house with a camera.


This picture pretty much makes me hope my own son needs glasses:



Totally love them up on the swingset:


Such good kids.

Nice to me, and nice to each other.


I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!