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the album

I don’t often get the opportunity to create larger-format albums that incorporate more than 10 or 20 images.  Luckily for me, the wedding I shot last fall gave me a chance to do just that.

I had a great time putting together a really nice, custom album for the beautiful newlyweds and, of course (because you know me), I have to share how it turned out.

The album is a 10×10 with 50 images from the wedding arranged over 32 album sides.


The album front is an “ice” cover, which is a metallic print bonded to clear, sturdy acrylic.  The back is a really wonderful, soft leather that will age over time to a rich patina.


Each page spread is seamless, which means there is no gutter between the left and right sides of the page.

So while you can separate two images on each side like this…


… you can also run an image across the entire spread like this:


Yeah.  I know.  Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

The album turned out wonderfully, in my opinion.  Clean and classic.  No hearts or doves.  No quotes about love.  Just a showcase of the couple’s beautiful wedding and the amazing farmland backdrop.







Ahh, I love it so much.

Now ask me how hard it was to package this thing up and hand it over to the UPS man.

Ugh, you have no idea.


Hello! … I’m back.

I went to London.

Did I mention that already?

I probably did.

Because pretty much everyone who knows me has had to listen to me talk about this upcoming trip for the last month straight.

Lucky for them, I finally went.  And am back.  So now they just have to listen to me talk about how it went while I was there.

(it went well, by the way)


Big Ben and the Parliament building — photo taken while riding a capsule on the London Eye.

And I have to say, I’m still in shock that I visited those historic landmarks and can casually mention them in one sentence like that.  I’m thinking that for the next month or so, if anyone asks me anything, I’ll just spontaneously answer: “The London Tower!  And Westminster Abbey!  Oh, and also Trafalgar Square.”

That won’t be annoying at all, right?



We’ve had a bit-o-illness going around our house lately.


But I think both kids are on the mend now.

(where is my wood, anyway? … oh here it is … knock-knock-knock)

I am going to be traveling a bit here and there in the coming month, so my blogging might get a little sporadic.  But I’ll be back in the saddle before too long, no worries.

Not that you were worried.

But … you know … just in case.


This adorable girl just turned one.

And she seems pretty excited about it:


She really is adorable, isn’t she?

With an adorable nursery, also.


Even content to hang out in her crib while I snapped pictures of her.


We had a good session and were able to catch lots of one-year-old personality.


I love this little innocent look:


And since both of my own kids are blanket-chewers, this picture makes me happy:


At every session, I try a bunch of different things.  Some things work, some things don’t.  And when you’re done, you pick the best images of what worked and go with them.

And this time I just had to share 2 things we tried that did not work particularly well (but were still pretty cute).

1) We tried a picture with some balloons from the big birthday party that took place the previous day.  She liked the balloons, but was unsure of me sitting so dang close to take a picture of them.


2)  We slipped outside to see if we could catch a snow picture or two.  But on this particular day, the new one-year-old was feeling about winter and these cold temperatures the same way we’ve all been feeling lately:


Don’t worry, kiddo.  Spring will get here eventually.  I promise.