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29 and holding…

Today is my birthday.  I had plans to be out and about, but my 3-year-old sprang a 102 temperature this morning.  So instead I am home, administering Tylenol and warm baths and frequent naps.

It’s okay, though.  This is life as a parent.  I signed on for this.

My husband set out a card and a small gift before he left for work this morning.  The card made me laugh, so I thought I’d share (although it contains an anatomy reference, so shield your eyes if you are easily offended).


The gift is for tonight after dinner.

“I figured it has to be good since it combines two of your favorite things,” he said.


He knows me so well.

To be honest, the wine looks kind of questionable, but he said the folks at the liquor store all insisted that it’s actually very good.

I’ll let you know.

So my quiet birthday plans just got a little quieter.  I just checked on the sick 3-year-old and she is still asleep.  The house is quiet.  I am eating cheese and crackers and editing some photos.  Letting the cat sleep on my feet under the desk.  Not thinking too much about what it means to turn 33.  About the fact that 33 rounds up to 35, while 32 rounded down to 30.

I’m actually just feeling kind of content.  Which makes for a pretty happy birthday.

thank you notes

One fun (and useful) thing you can do with a favorite session image is to create custom thank you cards.

For example, we took a great image from a family’s previous session, added some fairytale overlays…


… and then printed the image on the front of 4 x 5.5 inch linen cards.

On the back of each card, I added a simple “thank you” and a few corresponding graphics to match the whimsical mood of the card.


The remaining open white space is for you to pen a thank you to your Thank You Card Recipient.  The linen paper is easy to write on and has such a nice look and feel.


The cards come in sets of 25 and include white or parchment colored envelopes.  I am a big fan of handwritten thank you notes, so these are right up my alley.  Such a great way to send someone a personalized thank you along with a great picture they can hang on their fridge or pin up in their office at work.

Keep them in mind as an option after your next session!

tied with lilies as my favorite

The tulips my husband gave me last weekend are just starting to open.


Oh, how I love tulips.

i even used a level

You know, I did eventually find a place for that 10×24 canvas gallery wrap.


I hung it in our front hall underneath a shelf holding a few framed prints (including the Belle & Boo print mentioned in this post).


I think it’s a good little set up for our oddly-shaped front hall wall.

Then again, I love the picture, so I could probably hang it over the washing machine and still think that was a good place for it.


I wanted to post a few more pictures from my trip to London.  I was actually tagging along on my husband’s business trip.  So while the two of us had some time together to tour the city, I actually ended up with two days to sight-see by myself, also.

Which was kind of scary at first.

But pretty cool once I got the hang of it (especially riding the underground train … I am secretly in love with the London Underground).  The whole experience was pretty incredible and I’m so glad I was able to go.

I only had enough guts to bring one of my smaller cameras and a single lens (50mm f/1.4) with me on the trip.  But the up side was that I could fit the camera in my purse, which meant I brought it with me everywhere, which meant I got to take pictures of pretty much everything I wanted.

And … you know … I like to take pictures, so that part was pretty fun.

Below is Hyde Park in the morning fog.  “London Fog,” if you will (that joke didn’t get old while we were over there):

london (1)

This is Trafalgar Square.  That is Nelson’s Column is in the middle, a statue of Sir Keith Park on the right, and the top of the London Eye in the distance.

london (2)

We saw Wicked at the Apollo Victoria our first night in town.  I had never seen it before and it was awesome.

And the “noodle stop” picture, I just love.  I don’t know why.  It’s just so perfect:  “Stop.  For noodles.”

london (3)

This is the London Film Museum as seen on our way up in the London Eye (the picture I posted last week was also taken while riding the London Eye).

london (4)

Here is my husband in front of the Tower Bridge (he’s a handsome bloke, eh?).

london (5)

The Tower Bridge as seen while we were walking across the London Bridge:

london (6)

Hey look, they spell my first name right over there!…

london (7)

Waiting for a train in the Underground.

london (8)

Escalators back up to street level:

london (9)

This little guy was at the British Museum:

london (10)

This is Westminster Abbey and one of the stained glass windows inside.  The picture on the right is the only picture I took inside; I snapped it right after I walked in and before I saw all of the “no photography” signs.  Also before a scary man in a red robe descended upon me as soon as he heard my shutter click.

london (11)

Carved on the outside of Westminster Abbey:

london (12)

Below-left is a musician who was playing in the Underground.

Below-right was taken on the plane ride home.  At about the 8 hour mark, I looked out my window and saw another plane flying right next to us.  It stayed with us for 5 or 10 minutes.  I thought that was pretty neat.

london 13

The trip was great.  London is a pretty amazing city and it was neat to see so much of it in just 5 days.  I know I wasn’t there long enough to come to (or back up) any sweeping generalizations, but if I was forced to make some, here is what they’d be:

  • Everyone in London has an iPhone.  Teens, business-people, senior citizens.  Everyone.  Everyone.  I saw no phone in use that wasn’t an iPhone.
  • I was the only person in the entire city wearing white socks.
  • They win calling an elevator a “lift” (shorter signage!  more fun to say!), but lose calling restrooms “toilets” (very unsatisfying to see “Toilet” on a sign in a posh London theater).
  • London is not a big believer in free WiFi.
  • If they are truly 3 months ahead of us in fashion trends, then look out:  bright, white sneakers are coming back in style for men, and women will be wearing 80’s ankle boots and purple tights by April.
  • Tap beer tastes way better in London.  Hamburgers do not.
  • There is bread mixed into the sausage links, which oddly enough, isn’t that bad.
  • Everything looks appropriately priced in pounds, but then when you do the math to American dollars, you realize you just paid $9 for a frozen yogurt.
  • If the city has any minor faults, they are completely outweighed and then some by the absolutely awesome public transportation system that is the London Underground.  I couldn’t believe how easily we could get to anywhere in the city and I never got over the sheer number of people moving and in and out of the Tube.  It was absolutely incredible.

Last, but not least, a special thank you to my awesome parents for coming and staying at our house with our 2 kids while we were gone.  I would have never been able to go on the trip if they hadn’t been willing to step in;  they watched the kids, fed them, bathed them, got them on and off the bus, signed permission slips, kissed boo-boos, and tucked them in at night.  And we were able to have a great time knowing the kids were in caring, capable hands.

Yay for grandma and grandpa!

winter session

We saw this lovely sister and her twin brothers last year at this time when the boys had just turned one.  It was great to visit with them again and see how much bigger everyone had become.





And it was good to have mom and dad in a few pictures, too.  I actually love this one of the dad and daughter where you can still see the twins in the background.



We did sneak outside, too.

But it was pretty cold, so none of us lasted very long.


Although I think this little guy probably could’ve lasted a little longer than the rest of us did.


Cute, cute kids.

Two 2-year-olds plus a 5-year-old?  I’ll admit, those kind of numbers make me a teeny bit nervous when I see them paper.  But these kiddos did a really great job.  I definitely lucked out, as I often seem to do.