Monthly Archives: March 2010

definitely out of the running for Parent of the Year

My daughter asked for cereal for breakfast.

“Lucky Charms.  With no milk, just a spoon,” she specified.

A little later, after she called out, “I’m done with breakfast, Mama!”, I walked by the kitchen table and noticed her bowl:


She ate every single marshmallow bit and left every single oat piece behind.

Remind me to give that girl a Flintstone vitamin.

while i wait for Spring to finish getting here…

I thought I’d post a few pictures of items that have gone out the door lately.

And actually, one reason I want to show this 5×5 session album (done with 20 images) is because I should mention that in addition to having images in your book with a white border on each page (previously shown here), you can also do them as full-page square images (left side in the image below):


A square crop doesn’t work for every image, of course, but sometimes it’s just what you need.


I love this 20×20 wood gallery mount.  So clean and classic in black and white:


And a couple of canvas wraps that I love (both 16x20s):


For this one, we can all just sigh a collective “awwwwww” together, okay?:


You just said it, didn’t you?

I knew it.

You can’t look at that beautiful baby and not smile and say, “awwwww.”  It’s impossible.

I also ended up getting two wraps of my own kids last month.  This one is a 20×30:



And the 2nd one is a 16×24.  The 2nd one sat on top of our DVD cabinet for a few weeks (below, left) before I finally bit the bullet and hammered a nail into the wall for it (below right).


I have a hard time actually hanging them up.  Because once I hang them up, I can’t tote them around the house from room to room, deciding where they look best.  And heck, that’s half the fun.

magnet mini mounts

One thing I forgot to mention before is that these mini mounts can also be prepared for you with a full-size magnet on the back, rather than the little stand on the back.

The reason I was reminded to tell you that is because I did four of the 5×7 magnet-backed mini mounts for my husband’s office (he has a nice, metal cabinet they can stick to).


And I thought to myself:  “Self, I bet your spouse isn’t the only person out there with a bare, lonely file cabinet or refrigerator in need of some TLC!”


Well, that’s not verbatim or anything.

But it went something like that.