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I went to high school with the mom and dad of this ridiculously beautiful 2-year-old:

el (1)

Who would have guessed back then that they would end up getting married…?

And end up having such a wonderfully sweet little girl.
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I’m sure glad they did.

good night

Most evenings before going to bed, I step out onto our front porch to check for any toys that may have been left there by my kids.

And I almost always find something that’s been carefully arranged by my 4-year-old: a semi-circle of half-dressed Barbies, a surgeon-style layout of 300 hair clippies, or a Polly Pocket conga line.

This time it was a precariously balanced horse stable arrangement.horses

Whatever I find usually makes me smile.

It’s a good way to end my evenings.

the girl who wouldn’t eat lunch

Oh the stalling…

The stall-stall-stalling…

I think she won this time around.

arts and crafts

My 1st grader made a robot at school.

The robot’s name is “H-2000” and he descends from a long line of Ry-Krisp and Band-Aid boxes.


I asked my son what the “H” stands for, but he said he doesn’t know.


In all honestly, H-2000 almost met his demise when he and I first came face-to-face.  The robot was tucked inside a Target bag and I thought he was one of the bathroom garbage bags from upstairs.

My deepest apologies, H-2000.  It won’t happen again.