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My July postings have been a little sparse, no?…

Summer in Minnesota is just too precious to squander indoors at the computer.  After all, we’ve got 8 months of winter to make up for, right?


Our family made up for a bit of winter by spending the last 8 days in the Brainerd Lakes area.  It was a standard “Up North” Minnesota vacation with lots of boat time…

breezypoint (1)

Lake time…

breezypoint (2)

Some fishing…

breezypoint (3)

More lake time…

breezypoint (4)

Plenty of pool time…

breezypoint (5)

breezypoint (6)

And then some more lake time.

breezypoint (7)

Our kids did great.  They played hard and had fun.

They crashed hard, too.  We found our 4 1/2 year old daughter (who hasn’t napped since age 2) completely conked out on the couch one afternoon when we stopped back indoors to grab a snack.

breezypoint (8)

And one night when my husband and I were in the bedroom playing German Whist, we glanced out to the pull-out couch to see our 7-year-old splayed out in exhaustion (and you can see his sister in the upper-right corner of the pic):

breezypoint (9)

We had a great time.  By the end of the week, our swimsuits had been worn and rinsed in the sink so many times, the bottom of my daughter’s had sagged to the point that Colombians could have used it to smuggle drugs into the country.

And in addition to lots of lake time, we played Bingo (the 4-year-old kept calling my dauber a “stabber”), roasted s’mores, did some crafts (I kept humming the Kellerman’s song from Dirty Dancing), and ate our weight in bacon, bratwursts, and sour patch kids.

It was a great trip.  And a great week for our family to spend together.

I feel blessed.

red, white & blue

I think the 4th of July is one of the best holidays in Minnesota.


It’s a holiday that happens during the summer.  No mittens required.

A holiday that doesn’t expect you to cook a turkey or bake a ham.

A holiday that you can celebrate with anyone you want:  your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, or just your own family.  There is no expectation that you “make the rounds” and stop at the home of every uncle, cousin, or grandparent who lives in the greater metropolitan area.

You can grill.  You can swim.  You can have a party.  You can go to a movie.  You can go to a parade, to fireworks, or just stay home in the cool a/c and watch it all on TV.

When you get right down to it, the 4th of July and its variety does a pretty dang good job of celebrating America.

So happy 4th to you … I hope there are brats, bomb pops, and sparklers in your future.