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Some very nice friends invited us to their cabin up near Fergus Falls last weekend.  We had a great time relaxing and playing around on the lake.

On Saturday afternoon, my husband and I drove from the cabin over to Battle Lake to pick up some marshmallows for s’mores later that night.  On our way there, we realized that Henning — the small town where my Dad grew up — was just 15 miles past our marshmallow stop.

After we got our goods, we headed on to Henning (a thank you to my husband for coming up with the idea to go and for being game to do it).  I called my Dad on our way and told him we were headed to his childhood hometown.  I asked him how long it had been since he had visited the town and he said, “About 40 years.”  His parents and siblings have all passed away, so he is the only one left to remember the family’s stomping ground.

Once we got into town, he guided me (via my cell phone) to his family’s old house.  Then to the house where his baby sister was born.  To the large Baptist church in town.  And to the small Lutheran Church — now closed and deteriorating — where his family attended.


I snapped as many pictures as I could.

It was neat listening to my Dad tell me where to go, what to look for, and what I was seeing.  Maybe we can go up and visit the town together next time.  I think that would be very nice.

a cabin morning

Okay, I am loving this little 3-year-old in her deep purple dress.

cabin (1)

And those beautiful eyes…

cabin (2)

I can see where she gets her good looks, though…

cabin (3)

This family has good genes for sure.

cabin (4)

Such a handsome devil:

cabin (5)

Cute kids all-around.

cabin (6)

cabin (7)

I had a fun time visiting this family’s cabin for some summer pics.   It’s great to spend time with kids in a place where they feel really comfortable.  Everyone can relax and if the kids need a break, it’s no problem for mom and dad to jump inside and grab a snack for them.

It really makes for an easy-going session.

And before I go, I’m going to post one more of the 3-year-old because she was such a sweetie for me and I have way too many favorites of her…


enough space for my wallet, keys, and possibly a puppy

Hey, did someone ask me if I got a new canvas purse from Etsy for this fall?…


That’s weird … I could’ve sworn someone asked.

But hey, since you brought up the topic of fall bags (and you did, didn’t you?), guess what?!:


Oh Etsy.

How I love thee …

Let me count the ways…


My sister and her 4 kids were in town last week.  It’s been way too long since I’ve seen them.

After eating dinner together at my parents’ house one evening, my mom asked if I’d take a shot of all of her grandchildren really quickly before the night was over.

And look at these cousins, so nice to humor me and my camera in their grandma’s front yard:


Okay, the picture is done now … everybody UP!