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a lovely home session

I had a good time hanging out with these handsome boys at their home earlier this week:

j (1)

j (2)

And man alive, does their family ever know how to pull off a holiday card pic:

j (3)

The 3-year-old was especially cute:

j (4)

j (5)

j (6)

And the parents were especially attractive*:

j (7)
Lovely mama in particular:

j (8)

Thanks so much for having me out to your house, you guys!

j (9)

* and don’t worry, you’re not having deja vu — the dads are twins.


Our next door neighbors and their cutie pie 3-year-old stopped by after the Vikings game on Sunday to roast a couple of marshmallows with us.

I think this little guy does a pretty good job of summing up how everyone felt after the Vikings’ most recent win:


And I think he probably pulls it off a bit more adorably than the rest of us could…

a quick grandkids session

These eight kids (okay, they’re not all kids — two of them are in their 20’s) are all in town for their grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.


And their nice parents thought it might be a good idea to have a few pictures taken of the kids together to give to the grandparents as a gift.


I think they were definitely right.


Thanks for an easy, stress-free session, guys!

I hope the 50th anniversary party is lots of fun!

“why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Is there nothing you can’t find on Etsy?

My daughter loves to play “Alice in Wonderland” (this is where you go in your bedroom, pretend you have fallen down a rabbit hole, and then have long conversations with your stuffed animals about it), and she really wanted a little bottle to use for the “drink me” portion of her bedroom theater.

And wouldn’t you know it …


… I found a tiny little bottle on Etsy.

A set of four tiny bottles, actually.

For $3.50.

Today the Internet smiled upon me … and it was good.

fall hues

The mom of these two kids chose such wonderful colors for their fall photo session.

deeg (1)

And my lands, have you ever seen a cuter little redhead?:

deeg (2)

And while we’re at it, have you ever seen a cuter strawberry blonde?:

deeg (3)

I had my Baby Rubber Chicken along for our session.  The chicken isn’t a “baby,” you know.  He’s just the chicken that I use for baby sessions (the chicken squawks … sort of a sad, sickly, squawk … but a squawk nonetheless).

But really, a rubber chicken is fun for all ages.

deeg (4)

Who doesn’t love a sad, squawking chicken?…

deeg (5)

These two were a couple of good siblings.

deeg (6)


And their mom was nice enough to put up with me dragging them to a few different spots to try out a few different shots.

deeg (7)

deeg (8)

deeg (9)

She is a beauty, no?…

deeg (10)

deeg (11)

Thanks for a great session, kiddos.  Have a wonderful Fall with your mom and dad!


deeg (13)


Our family hit the State Fair earlier this month (as we do every year).  This is my son’s 8th State Fair, actually.  He is pretty much a pro at this point:

fair1Waiting in line for a ride ~ Tackling a State Fair pickle-on-a-stick

fair3On the trampoline jumpy

I always look forward to the Fair and it’s been awesome to experience it a bit differently each year as our kids grow and are ready to try new things.  It is definitely one of my favorite family outings each year.

And now, just so we don’t forget the other child (and how could we), I have to make a confession:  I cut my 4-year-old some bangs yesterday.

My husband was nonplussed.


He said he’s not sure if he likes it or not.

At first he said no.

And then he said she looks like Emma Stone in Zombieland.

I’m assuming that is good.  Although I’m not positive.

I’m not sure what I think.  I think I need to adjust them a bit over the next few days.  But overall, I like them.  And she still pretty much looks like her regular ol’ self to me:


wonderful autumn family

I met the mom of these two gorgeous girls back in 2008 during our first photo session together.  The photos back then turned out as wonderfully as they did for our session today.

atBlog (1)

atBlog (2)

atBlog (3)

atBlog (4)

atBlog (5)

atBlog (6)

But the really great thing is that from that original photo session back in 2008, the mom and I have since become friends.

And she is absolutely one of the most beautiful people — inside and out — that I’ve ever met.  Funny and caring and supportive and funny and smart and loving and did I mention funny yet?…

atBlog (7)

atBlog (8)

atBlog (9)

atBlog (10)

If nothing else comes from starting this photography business three years ago, I will always be thankful that I gained a wonderful friend through it.

A wonderful friend with a beautiful (and insanely stylish) family.

atBlog (11)

Thank you guys for a great session and for putting up with me going this way and that way (as usual).  I couldn’t be happier with the images we got.  Truly couldn’t be happier.

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