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happy halloween!

I had a couple of great sessions this weekend. Really nice families and really nice weather. Can’t ask for more than that.

I will edit those session images later this week, but I can’t resist quickly sharing today a few images from one of the very nice families. At the end of our session, the two adorable girls put on their Halloween costumes. But these are no ordinary Halloween costumes; they are beautiful, intricate, hand-sewn outfits made by their amazingly talented mom.

We have the Bad Witch…

halloween (1)

(she was casting a spell on me here to turn me into a lion):
halloween (2)

…and we have the Good Witch.
halloween (3)

The Good Witch also sports an awesomely scary zombie walk.
halloween (4)

The costumes are beautiful — I wish you could see them in person. And the girls’ mom was so modest about them, but I’ve seen some of the other outfits she has created and they have all been as amazing as the ones here.
halloween (5)(more spell-casting on me in the above pic)

I bet the girls will have an awesome time Trick-or-Treating in their wonderful witch ensembles tonight.

Have a safe Halloween, everyone!

Happy candy hunting!
halloween (6)

“looking california … and feeling minnesota”

My husband and I were in California last week.

No kids.*

No work.

Just a little break.  Just for us.

cali (1)

It was good to see the ocean.

cali (2)

We spent our first couple of days in San Francisco.  And like honest-to-goodness tourists, we rented bicycles at Fisherman’s Wharf and biked up to, across, and back over the Golden Gate Bridge.

cali (3)

It was awesome.

Even though my un-trained quads were burning after 15 miles of biking.

cali (4)

(as a side note, my husband was super happy that the bike rental place gave him a model with “the most Grandpa seat possible”)

cali (5)

We also took the ferry out to Alcatraz and toured the prison.

This is a little birdie friend we made on the dock and you can see Alcatraz Island behind him.

cali (6)

The tour was great.

So fun.

So creepy.

And so interesting to hear the history of the prison, its inmates, escape attempts, and riots.

cali (7)

Cells 114 and 112:

cali (8)

The view of the prison from the recreation yard:

cali (9)

San Francisco was great.  Beautiful and busy with lots of stuff to do.

After we left, we spent our next two days in “wine country.”

cali (11)

We visited a bunch of wineries, which is something neither of us has ever done before.

It was neat to see “behind the scenes” with fermenting grapes, giant vats of wine, and barrel aging.

cali (12)


cali (13)

So many of the wineries had cats and dogs roaming around.

This kitty was camped out in one of the tasting rooms:

cali (14)

He seemed unimpressed with the entire process.

cali (15)

We also got to see some California countryside when we drove out to the middle of the state to visit friends.

cali (16)

And we made it to Muir Woods, which was absolutely beautiful.

cali (17)

And gave us a chance to see some gigantic redwoods up close and personal.

cali (18)

It was a great trip.

And a great 6 days spent hanging out with my husband.

Life is busy and it’s nice to slow it down and catch our breath.  And nice to do that together.

*Very important side note: my parents watched our kids while we were gone and not only did Kid A get the stomach flu on Day 2, but Kid B got the stomach flu on Day 4, and my Dad got it on Day 5.  My parents went so far above and beyond the call of Grandparent Duty last week, it’s not even funny.  I have no idea how we are ever going to repay them. Thank you, Mom and Dad.


What is it about sisters?…

There’s just something so great about photographing them.

murr (1)

And it doesn’t hurt when the sisters are as cute as these two, either.

murr (2)

murr (3)

murr (4)

It also doesn’t hurt when they have great, easy-going parents.

murr (5)

Including a mom who is a very talented photographer herself.

murr (6)

The 4-year-old was cracking me up, sharing her “cross eyes and spit” skills with me.

murr (7)

She’s pretty good, right?

I’m so glad I got to meet you girls (and your parents).  Thank you for a fun fall morning!

murr (8)

murr (9)

cookie break

We are learning to deal with the bangs over here.

cookie2 copy

I think it’s working for her.

cookie1 copy

Real quick, I want to mention that I will be unavailable next week. So if you drop me an email, please know that I’m not ignoring you.

Unless it’s one of those emails that I keep getting from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Then I’m ignoring you.

(I don’t know how I got on that email list … I can’t even sew a button)

lightweights that are anything but lightweights

I am finally getting around to deciding on some samples to put up on the walls in my office.

We’ve been in our new house for a full year now, so I’m really pushing my credibility using the old “we just moved in! … that’s why the walls are so empty!” excuse.  But man, that has been a really nice excuse for the past 12 months…

One of the groupings I chose to put up is of these two beautiful girls:


These are three lightweight standouts — a 16×20 and two 11x14s.


I love how they turned out and it is a great start to sprucing up my office.

good kids

Gah!  I love this image of this 6-year-old:

DSC_8060 copy

That is one intense, beautiful, little face.  Wow.

These siblings were so easy to hang with and so polite and nice to me during our session at the Arboretum.  Not a single whine.  Not a single, “I don’t want to do this.”  Nothin’.

They were just good, good kids the whole time we were together.


And cute, too.

DSC_8211 copy



Thanks for a fun session, you guys!

DSC_8351 copy

still beautiful

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen these two:

porblog (1)

And they have managed to become even more beautiful in the last year and a half:

porblog (2)

porblog (3)

Don’t worry, folks, it’s just fake choking.

porblog (4)

See?… so much love:

porblog (5)

We hit the (very busy!) Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this weekend and had a good time.


porblog (6)

porblog (7)

I absolutely love his expression in this one:

porblog (8)

Her hair! Look at her beautiful, curly hair!:

porblog (9)

porblog (10)

This next one is definitely one of my favorites (especially big brother’s raised eyebrow).  There was no question that it would be one of the final images for this family’s gallery.

porblog (11)

But I included this last one in the gallery just for me.

Because my heart made an audible pitter-patter when I first saw it.

And it still goes pitter-patter, even now:

porblog (12)