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not on the price list, but…

My husband loves that picture of my son eating the giant Pickle-on-a-Stick at the State Fair last summer.

So for Christmas, Santa gave him a custom iPhone case using that very image (and I may have helped Santa a little bit with the digital file prep … and the gift wrapping … also with getting it under the tree):



If you have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 and are interested in a case using one of your session images, let me know.

And we don’t even have to wait until next Christmas!  We can do it on the down low without Santa even knowing (we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, after all).

one month old

This freezing cold weekend, I got to meet this beautiful baby boy (and his beautiful parents).

hblog (1)
(I wasn’t kidding about the beautiful part, was I? … jeez Louise, that is one pretty mom)

Even though it was zero degrees outside, we stayed cozy inside with a space heater and some soft blankets.

hblog (2)

I love the little “ooooh” face he is making on the right.  His mom and dad said he does it all the time.  So cute:

hblog (3)

We did a little hangin’ around, too:

hblog (4)

What a perfectly beautiful boy to round out a perfectly beautiful family.

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in the now

My son’s entry into last year’s Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby was “The Green Streak.” That car won him 3rd place and a trophy that is still sitting on his bookcase.

His entry this year was “The Flying Doorstop.”


It didn’t win him a trophy (“just a medal,” he said afterward, disappointed), but he still had fun watching all of the cars race down the track on Derby day.


He’s in 2nd grade, you know. Still innocent. Still sweet. Although starting to come home with more and more inappropriate fart jokes that he learns on the school bus.

It’s so fun to see him grow and come into his own personality more and more each year. Become more and more independent each year.

But I have to admit, I am bracing myself for the “middle years” that I now realize are closer than I think. Mean kids. Teasing. Unrequited crushes. Embarrassing moments in gym class.

And even though I know those things are a) unavoidable, and b) almost necessary in order to learn healthy life coping skills, I still sometimes wish I could preserve his current sweetness forever.

Or, you know, maybe just keep him in my pocket all the time for safekeeping.


But I will enjoy his sweet, happy, wonderfulness right now.

And I will do my best to help him cross all of those Life’s Hard Lessons bridges when we come to them.

7 days new

This might be the most content newborn I’ve ever met:

lind (1)

She was such a sweet girl during our session.  Barely heard a peep out of her.

lind (2)

A strong girl, too — lifting that head! — at only one week old:

lind (3)

lind (5)

Such perfect baby lips:

lind (6)

And such a lucky baby girl to have such great parents.

lind (7)

new. happy.

Happy New Year!

And speaking of new things that bring happiness…

andrblog (1)

This 6 day old baby girl arrived just a couple of days after Christmas.

andrblog (2)

andrblog (3)

And she joined a pretty great family, in my humble opinion.

andrblog (4)

Love her on her parents’ bedding:

andrblog (5)

I am also loving her with her incredibly adorable big brother (and check out his shirt!).

andrblog (6)

Having a new little sister is a big change.

He seems to be handling it well.

andrblog (8)

While his sister was taking a lunch break, Mr. New Big Brother taught me the finer points of the Throw-Your-Plush-Duckie-in-the-Air game.  I’m not sure that I followed every rule, but it looked like fun.

andrblog (9)

I followed the rules of the Roll-Around-on-Your-Bed game a lot better. Mostly because I think my own 2 kids are Olympic champions at the Roll-Around-on-Your-Bed game.

andrblog (10)

Happy, full, and sleepy after her lunch break:

andrblog (11)

andrblog (12)

andrblog (13)

andrblog (14)

andrblog (15)

andrblog (16)



That pretty much sums it up.