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tiny dancer

I’ll use any excuse to create a press printed card.

Seriously. Any.

So even though we are not throwing a full-on birthday party for my daughter’s 5th birthday, I still printed invitations for the family pizza party we are having. These are 5×7 cards, two-sided, printed on linen paper.



Five, people. She’s turning FIVE.

In, like, two weeks.

I still feel like she’s three.

Which reminds me … I should probably stop telling people she’s three when they ask me.

On a semi-related note: it was “Parent Watch Week” at her dance studio last week. It was actually our first glimpse into her (usually closed door) weekly dance lessons since she started back in November.

And I have to tell you: I love this little kid.

Er, big kid, I guess I should say.

On the left, midway through the class, changing out of ballet shoes and into her tap shoes:


Warming up the taps:


I still can’t believe she’s turning five. It’s bittersweet.

A friend just told me, “You know, they say you get your life back when your youngest child turns five.”

I think you lose a little something, too, though.

little. jolly.

Oh hey, while we’re on the subject of phones

I picked up a great little ‘gadget case’ from Jolly Little Purse on last week.


I plan to use it this summer when we are out and about with the kids, but I don’t want to be hauling my purse around.  Just something to hold my phone, drivers license, and a credit card or some cash.


I think it’ll be perfect.  I’ll be able to sling it over my shoulder for quick walks to the park, barbecues in the neighborhood, or a trip to the State Fair (when I’ll be too hot to lug a purse all day, but I’ll still want a cell phone since my husband and I inevitably have to split up for some type of child bathroom emergency).


Yay for the melding of the internet, technological gadgets, and handcrafted goods!


three months old

I think I’ve said before that three months is always a tough age to photograph; however, this extremely cute little guy made my job pretty easy.

beck (1)

And it helped that his parents were totally laid back and didn’t bat an eye even when I kept making them walk back and forth between the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

beck (2)

Could his Mom be more gorgeous, by the way?:

beck (3)

The little “necktie and pocket protector” onesie was awesome:

beck (4)

I love a beefy baby.  So adorable:

beck (5)

beck (6)

beck (7)

beck (8)

You’re a lucky boy, kiddo.  ‘Cause I’m pretty sure your parents are head-over-heels for ya.

beck (9)

hereditary sweetness

You probably don’t recognize this cute guy:

pet (1)

He’s grown quite a bit since the last time we saw him.

Plus, he’s a Big Brother now.

pet (2)

Cuteness runs in the family, I see…

pet (3)

This Big Brother stuff is serious business.

pet (4)

What a beautiful new addition to this wonderful family.

pet (5)

pet (6)

pet (7)

location, location, location — a request for your help

Despite the snow, I am thinking ahead to Spring.  And I need to ask you, lovely blog readers, for some help.

Most of my sessions take place at clients’ homes, a location of their choice (a family cabin, a specific park), or one of the handful of locations that I go back to again and again (such as the Landscape Arboretum).

But I’d like to add a few more options to that list.

If you have access to an area that you think might be good for a photo session — and you are willing to barter* with me for its occasional use — please drop me an email!

What am I looking for?…

Something interesting and something in the Shakopee/Jordan/Prior Lake area.

A family farm. Old barns or wooden outbuildings, even if they are starting to fall apart. In fact, especially if they are starting to fall apart — that will just add character.

loc (1) copy

loc (2) copy


Any rustic structures like stone walls, steps, or fences…

10.17.10 (10)

loc (3) copy

loc (4) copy


Old wooden sheds…

loc (5) copy

loc (6) copy


Or really, any building — even urban style — that has some texture…

loc (7) copy

loc (8) copy


Oh, how I love anywhere with texture…

loc (9) copy

loc (10) copy

loc (11) copy


And lastly, space.  Wide open space.  If you’ve got acres of fields, hills, or trees available, it might be a great place for photos.

loc (12) copy

loc (13) copy

loc (14) copy

loc (15) copy


If you think of any good locations within your reach and you are willing to let me photograph there occasionally during this summer and fall (and no worries, sessions will only be out-of-doors; I won’t go into any barns, outbuildings, or sheds), drop me a note:

We can chit-chat and try to determine if the space will work for family sessions.

Thanks so much!

*My initial thought for bartering is either a Digital Package session for residential areas, or advertisement (via links in blog posts and open credit to the shooting location) if the area is related to your place of business (e.g. winery, family farm, etc.).