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six months old

feld (1)

Isn’t this a cutie pie six-month-old?  So happy.  So perfect.

I met this little guy’s dad in 1995 when I was 18 years old.

He is a longtime friend of my husband’s and just an all-around funny, nice, and good person.  All of his family and friends knew he’d make a great Dad one day.  And they were all right:

feld (2)

He also married the most beautiful woman around.  And, wouldn’t you know it, she just happens to be a great mom, too.

feld (3)

(and I wasn’t kidding about the beautiful part)

feld (4)

I’m such a sucker for a toe-grabbing baby.

feld (5)

A little mid-session nap.

feld (6)

feld (7)

And a gentle wake-up (I loooove this picture):

feld (8)

Love his impish smile here, too:

feld (9)

Also, I want to take this brick wall home with me.

feld (10)

At the end of the session, we attempted a “family plus two dogs” picture.

It didn’t go over well.


But I totally love the resulting image.

feld (11)

Thank you guys for having me over this weekend and for letting me hang with your extremely adorable little guy.  He is such a lucky boy to have you as his parents.

cute baby girl + cute owls

Hi. I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, I know. Our family had a birthday and another birthday and a trip to Duluth and a trip to a Wisconsin. Plus we adopted a new cat. More on those things later. But first!…

Let us all soak in the wonderful loveliness of this four-week-old baby girl:

ada.d (1)

She is a cutie. And her little owls are incredibly cute, too.

In fact, her whole nursery (and all of its owls) is incredibly cute:

ada.d (2)


And this lucky baby girl has such a beautiful, calm, and loving mama:

ada.d (3)

ada.d (4)

This little lady made her appearance over a month ahead of schedule, but she is strong as an ox (and cute as a button) and went home with her Mom and Dad right away after her delivery.  That’s one remarkable little girl.

ada.d (5)

ada.d (6)

Thanks for a lovely morning, you two.  You’re so lucky to have each other.

ada.d (7)