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6.27 ~ lucky 13

Happy 13th anniversary today to my guy!

(and I also got you something that comes in a plastic, clamshell package — so it’s not all Holly Hobby craft projects this year, I promise)



Thanks for always seeing the good in me and always helping me be better.

You make everything in my life brighter and happier.

And you gave me the two best gifts I will ever receive:





Happy anniversary.

I love you always.

summer, summer, summertiiiiime…

I accidentally cut my daughter’s hair much shorter than intended last week.

I’m only showing you the front.

Because the back is disastrous.


Luckily, she wasn’t too upset about it.

Can’t quite say the same for my husband.

I played the “it’s a good summer cut!” angle pretty hard, though.


In other summer news, our neighbors graciously invited us up north with them this weekend and we had a wonderful time.  They have an awesome lab who is 100% Water Dog and my son threw sticks into the lake for that dog until they were both completely worn out.


Guess who’s asking for a dog now…

spot on

This lovely family helped me out with a little location scouting this weekend.

It’s good to location scout with fun people, I have to say…

mik (1)

mik (2)

mik (3)


mik (5)

mik (6)

Thank you guys for making it a fun morning!

mik (72) copy