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late-day and lovely

These two beautiful cousins put on their tutus and met me for a late-day session.

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It was hot, but they were troopers.

I love the purple flowers in the front of this next picture and the yellow flowers in the back.  Plus the flowers she tucked behind her ear and the warm back-lighting from the late-day sun.  And, of course, the gorgeous girl:

ferblog (2)

Seriously gorgeous girl.

I would kill for her skin tone.

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We also pulled in Little Brother for a few pictures.  He is All Boy and All Three, but he did a great job once he warmed up to the picture idea.

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Such fantastic brown eyes.

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Thanks so much for meeting me for pictures, girls.  You are both so beautiful and were so easy and fun to hang out with.  Thank you!

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almost 2

Our mini session for this cutie-pie almost-2-year-old got rained out on its scheduled morning, but thankfully the weather the following morning was absolutely perfect.

Sometimes you get lucky.



What a sweet, innocent face.  My goodness.


Thanks for being so flexible, you guys. And for meeting me for a fun morning session!



boyish charm

Watch me try not to blog every single image from this 9-month-old’s session.

And watch me fail miserably…

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Cutest family ever.

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I absolutely adore this picture — great, natural smiles from everyone and I love the brick (I think we’ve already covered my love for brick):

fxblog (7)

Thanks for an easy-peazy session, little man.

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summer family

I’m going to blog a handful of sessions over the coming week (if it wasn’t the heat, it was the rain throwing a monkey wrench into photo sessions this month), and I thought I’d dive in with this lovely 6-month-old:

andblog (1)

You might remember her (and her adorable big brother!).

andblog (2)

They are pretty darn cute together.

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Youzers, do I love the colors in this picture:

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I’m so glad this beautiful family came out for a session. Have a great rest-of-the-summer, you guys!

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die-cut boutique cards

I couldn’t help myself, so I took a couple of those pictures of my own two kiddos from last week and turned them into an updated set of thank you cards (up until now, I’ve been mailing friends and family outdated thank you notes with a picture on the front that would have them thinking my kids are still in diapers).

I used a ’boutique’ die-cut card this time (rather than a standard 5×7 rectangle) with a full image on the front and a partial image on the back, leaving enough white space to jot down a thank you message.


I love them. I have already mailed out 10. One of them was mailed to a person who I probably didn’t even need to thank for anything. My apologies to that person.

Ooh!, maybe I could print some apology notes next time and mail those out, too!…

A quick note on the boutique die-cut cards: these can be cut into a handful of different shapes, including scalloped edges and other more ornate designs. The cards can also be done as 5x5s or even 3x3s, which are perfect for creating holiday ornament cards using a hole punch and ribbon. I’ll do a post on that in a bit.

mid-summer mini sessions

Edited to add: Thanks so much for the response! I’m excited about these sessions!


So you know how September 1st rolls around and everyone thinks, “Fall is here! It’s time to get our family pictures taken!”

That’s what happens, right? I do it, too. “September! Which is almost October! Which is nearly Thanksgiving! Holiday card time! GAH!”

Well this year, in an effort to help all of us not be so busy at the last minute, I was thinking it’d be fun to do a handful of mid-summer “mini” sessions. It’s a great way to update your kids’ and your family photos (and even get a jump on the always-stressful holiday card preparation) with a shorter, smaller session that offers less pain and more gain.

The details are below. If you are interested in booking one of these mini session dates, you can email, call, or use the “contact” page of the main website; we can hash out the details and choose from a few nice locations I have in mind.