Monthly Archives: August 2011

it ain’t just a river in egypt

I was trying to stay in denial about summer being almost over.

But two new backpacks filled with school supplies sitting in my back hall, two kids closets full of brand new school clothes, and continuous radio ads for the Minnesota State Fair were making the denial state a little tough to keep up.

So instead, I’ve given in.  I am now a twig on the mighty Summer-Is-Ending stream, flowing with the current so that I might enjoy our last few weeks of Minnesota summertime wonderfulness.

Or something like that.

Hey, speaking of the State Fair…


The Swine Barn always kills me.

Our kids like it, too:


We had a great “Annual Family Trip to the Fair” this year.

There is no better place to eat fried foods, see giant farm machinery, people watch, animal watch, eat more fried foods, and people watch.

Also, the people watching.

If I didn’t mention that.

And look who even won herself a prize doing the Ball Toss in the Midway!:


We also ate many Foods on Sticks.


In addition to the Fair, we have been trying to fit in as many trips to area lakes as we can before it gets too cool to be boating, fishing, or swimming.

So last weekend we took the kids out for their first “nighttime on the lake” outing.

We swam during the late afternoon while the sun sank in the sky.


Then we sat on the boat and the kids waited (semi-patiently) while my husband and I watched the sun finally dip below the horizon.


One by one, the other boats in the cove turned on their nighttime lights, pulled up their anchors, and headed in.

The sky was lovely and the water was even more lovely.


It was a great way to end our night.

And a great way to begin the end of our summer.