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one year

One of my favorite little guys just turned one. Could he be any cuter with those big, brown eyes and that perfect curl of hair on top of his head?

beck (1)

I’m so, so happy I got to meet this cutie last year when he was just a newborn.

And have been able to hang out with him as he’s grown through this year.

And now he’s one!

beck (2)

And so incredibly CUTE!

beck (3)

And part of such a great, laid-back, loving family.

beck (4)

Egads, those teeth are adorable.

beck (5)

beck (6)

Love this one:

beck (7)

Even the happiest baby on the planet has moments of worry:

beck (8)

beck (9)

beck (10)

beck (11)

Happy birthday, little man.  Thank you for such a fantastic year of photos.  You are absolutely one-of-a-kind.

beck (12)

two weeks new

I got to spend a little time with this beautiful 2-week-old this morning:

autumn (1)

She is a happy girl.


“Oh, Rhett…”

(sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!)

autumn (3)

autumn (4)

And check out her fantastic nursery:

autumn (5)

She was a fan of her crib while I was there.

autumn (6)

Sometimes a nap is just what the doctor ordered.

DSC_8768blog1 copy

Sleep tight, beautiful girl.  Thanks for letting me stop by!

autumn (8)

crisp october morning

This beautiful one-year-old and her parents met me at the Arboretum last weekend for a lovely (albeit slightly chilly) session.
slblog (1)

They are such a handsome family:

slblog (2)

We stepped inside a few times to warm up, but managed to still have a pretty good time.

slblog (3)

slblog (4)

slblog (5)

slblog (6)

What a happy girl.

slblog (7)

Thank you for a great session, sweetie pie.  Have a great holiday season!

slblog (8)

almost two

This little guy turns two in a month.

Look at those cute cheeks.  Ahhhh!

dwin (1)

We had a fun, happy little session at the Arboretum.

dwin (4)

dwin (2)

dwin (3)

dwin (6)


dwin (7)

Happy almost-birthday, little man.  Thanks for a fun morning!

dwin (8)

elves, fairies, and gnomes welcome
(no trolls)

I made our kids a little elf door and put it on the rock wall in our yard.


My husband hasn’t seen it yet. But I’m guessing he will ask me (in his always-kind way) to repeat myself.

“You super-glued a ‘what’ to the rocks?”

Poor guy.


The door won’t last through the winter, I’m sure.

In fact, it probably won’t last through a lawn-mowing.

But the kids sure are enjoying it for now…


(and yes, possibly I am enjoying it, too)

two (with tutu)

This cutie pie turns 2 later this month.

She’s so pretty; it just slays me.

mikblog (1)

And she has the sweetest big brother and most caring (and stylish) mom around.

mikblog (2)

mikblog (3)

mikblog (4)

mikblog (5)

mikblog (6)

Happy birthday, sweet girl.  You make this 2-year-old stuff look pretty good.



mikblog (8)