Monthly Archives: June 2012


Man, it’s only mid-June and I already feel like we’ve done enough stuff to fill half a summer.

But that is what summer in Minnesota is for:  cramming 9 months worth of winter cooped-up-ness into 3 months of gorgeous weather.

We’ve gone up north a couple of of times, camped, hit Valley Fair a few times, done some Prior Lake swimming, and ran around in the sprinkler.  I think we are doing Minnesota Summer justice so far.

But before summer started, our older kiddo finished his last day of 3rd grade.  Cannot, cannot believe it.  And I think this means I am not 26 anymore.

DSC_2960 copy

And our younger kiddo finished her last day of Kindergarten.  Here she is at her end-of-year performance:

DSC_1423 copy

And that is her (goggle eyes) in the center of the pic:

DSC_1427 copy

She had a pretty rough start this year, but she turned the boat around and we are so proud of how she pushed through such a big and scary change.

Seen here running off the bus on the last day of school:

bus copy

It’s good, good stuff.

As I mentioned, we went camping.  It was the kids’ first camping trip, in fact.

We took only the essentials:

DSC_3132 copy


Actually, we had a very adventurous time.  Some heavy rain, a blown tire, everything you would expect the first time you take your kids camping.

But we had lots of fun, too.  We watched the sun set over Lake Vermilion…

DSC_3096 copy copy

DSC_3094 copy

We ate breakfast in the woods (never go anywhere without an electricity hookup and bacon).

DSC_3127 copy

And we spent some quality time enjoying the outdoors.

DSC_3076 copy

DSC_3078 copy

If the next few months of summer give us as many good memories as these first few weeks have, I will feel even more grateful and blessed than I already do.