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they’re good people

I love this family so very much. I can’t tell you what wonderful people they are — two great, fun boys with two caring, kind parents who have been such good friends to me over the past 6 years.

I am so grateful to have these 4 people in my life.

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1 week old + 20 months old

What beautiful sisters. I haven’t seen this family since the oldest was just a newborn herself. It was great to see them again and especially fun to be around such calm and loving parents. These girls are lucky to have such a wonderful mom and dad. What a great family.

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autumn begins…

We had perfect weather for this lovely family last weekend.  Cute kids, handsome parents, and even a few shots with their sweet cousin (who has also been the kids’ nanny for the past year and a half!).

All in all, a wonderful afternoon…

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it’s a dog eat dog world

Before we jump into fall sessions (oh yes, it’s that time!), I want to share some photos of a few wonderful animals who have crossed my path over the past month.

bunnay (1)

I love taking pictures of animals.  My friends already know this and have accepted it.  If you have a dog or a cat or a horse or a hamster, I will be taking a picture of it; you’re just going to have to deal.

This lovely Arabian boards at the stable where I ride.  He is gorgeous.

bunnay (2)

And this handsome lab belongs to the parents of some friends of ours.  We got to spend a weekend with this guy at their Wisconsin home and he is just a fantastic dog.

bunnay (3)

He loves the water. 

If he wasn’t near the water…

bunnay (4)

…he was in the water.

bunnay (5)

What a great dog.

bunnay (6)

bunnay (7)

This is his good friend, an old English Setter, taking a little nap by the campfire.

She is one of the softest, friendliest dogs you’ll meet.

bunnay (8)

And THIS little guy absolutely made my weekend. 

We were invited to a cabin weekend with several other families and one of the (terrific) families brought their chihuahua mix with them. This was his first time ever on a boat…

bunnay (9)

…but you’d have never known.  He settled in like a longtime sea dog.

Look at that face.  Could this dog be any more endearing?

bunnay (10)

bunnay (11)

Not only did we find out that he is secretly a water dog, we also found out he likes to play cards.

Well, sort of…

bunnay (12)

He slept like that for the better part of an hour.

bunnay (13)

Lastly, of course, is a picture of our own family’s new additions:


They haven’t had much trouble making themselves at home.

bunnay (14)

Gosh, I wonder what would our lives be without the animals who so colorfully populate them.

I am glad we will never have to know.