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fall family of five

These three kiddos were so polite and fun to hang out with.

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And I forgot handsome.

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Also beautiful.

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The whole family was lovely, in fact.

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Thanks for braving a chilly afternoon with me, you guys.  Have a wonderful holiday season!

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2nd birthday

I love this family and their adorable little guy. And I am so happy that when I threw out “50th and France” as a session location idea this year, they were totally on board.

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We had a nice walk down the main thoroughfare…

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And then we made our way to Wuollet Bakery where this little guy (who is turning two next week) could pick out a birthday cupcake.

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He waited so very patiently while his parents paid for his sprinkle cupcake.

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I love these next two. 

Absolutely love them:

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And then we made our way back to our cars, with a quick stop to look at the leaves.

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Happy birthday, little guy!

And a special thank you to your mom and dad for making it a fun, relaxed session, as always.

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She doesn’t know it (or appreciate it) yet, but this cutie pie two-year-old has two of the most easy-going parents ever:

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I had arrived early at our session location and found some major construction happening in the spot where I had planned to take a good chunk of the photos. When the family got there, we took some wonderful photos in town…

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…but then I asked the parents if they’d be willing to drive several miles up the highway to a completely different spot that we hadn’t planned on.

To be honest, if it had been me, I might have been like, “Listen, photo lady, we don’t know you and we’re not going to follow you all over town.”

But these guys were totally game. And I’m so glad we made the trek! I love the pictures we got in town and love the ones we got out in the golden sunset.

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Thanks for letting me haul you all over town, you guys. Your daughter is beautiful and I am so happy I got to meet your great family. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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the last of fall colors

These two cuties braved a brisk morning with me for some family photos.

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Even though the leaves turned early this year, we still managed to find some lovely color.

Which matched this lovely family so very well.

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autumn evening

I had a great evening taking pictures of some wonderful friends of ours along with their two beautiful girls:

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You’ve seen their girls before.  And they’re still just as lovely.

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We took a brief pause for a sister ‘discussion’:

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And then got right back on track.

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Five year old PHOTO BOMB! I couldn’t resist keeping this one:

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A fun, fall family photo session.  I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks so much, you guys!

fall family

This 3-year-old and 1-year-old were such cute, little blondies.

The whole family was beautiful!

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I love this little guy’s buddha belly peeking out here:

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And I love the striped socks on dad:



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