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7 months old ~ warm & cozy

The day I visited this little guy, it was bitter cold outside. And windy.

So we stayed inside for a bit, nice and warm and cozy.

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We took a break from the warm and cozy to step outside for a just a few minutes.

It was cold. Really cold. But this little guy never cried. He must have those Minnesota genes.
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And after the cold, back in again for a nice, warm bath.

Such a cute, lovable boy and a beautiful family.

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pause button

I took a planned, one-week break from sessions to get a few things off my To Do list.

One of the things that I can now cross off that list is getting a farmhouse beadboard backsplash up in our kitchen.

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This is one of those projects where my husband and I thought, “Ah, this won’t be too hard.  Shouldn’t take us long.”  And then it ended up being way more complicated than we thought and took for freaking-ever to finish.

Although that pretty much describes how every home improvement project goes, right?  Right.

But it’s done now, and we are very happy with it.  Just a subtle change, but a nice one.

pic (2)

The one thing that killed me about this project is that the outlet covers cost us more than all of the wood and trim pieces combined.  I am still not quite done accepting that fact.

pic (3)

Another thing I did during this little hiatus was an annual “photo album weekend” that my girlfriend and I do each fall.

Neither of us does scrapbooking, but we both maintain photo albums for our families.  So one weekend each fall, we rent a nice hotel room in town and spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday updating all of our photo albums while we eat chocolate, drink wine, and chat about everything under the sun — kid stories, college stories, dating stories, life views, and all of the funny and wonderful things we still can learn about each other.

It is a weekend I look forward to each year.  A pause button on daily life, time spent with a good friend, a little extra sleep, and of course, leaving on Sunday afternoon with photo albums back up-to-date with our family’s daily adventures.

Albums with pictures of time spent being goofy:

pic (4)

pic (7)

pic (6)

Time spent out and about:

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pic (8)

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pic (10)

pic (11)

pic (12)

pic (13)

Time spent with friends:

pic (14)

pic (15)

Time spent being lazy:

pic (16)

pic (17)

And time spent being happy:

pic (18)

pic (19)

It was nice to take a little break and finish up these albums, get some stuff done around the house, and spend some time with family and friends.

Life is good. It really is.

november chill

These two kiddos (ages 6 and 2) were total troopers on a cold November morning. They seemed completely unfazed by the weather and I had a great time running around with them. What good kids.

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fun family of four

I always love working with this family because a) the parents are ridiculously nice and easy to hang out with and b) their son and daughter happily remind me of my own son and daughter (they are similar ages and have very similar personalities). Our sessions kind of feel like hanging out with my own kiddos. Which is a good thing.

And an added bonus to working with this family: they are all beautiful.

shakopeephotographer (1)

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The kids are so fun and sweet and goofy. And goofy in the best possible way — the way where they are just deep-down happy and you can see that they are loved.

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Thanks for a fun afternoon, you guys. Happy holidays!

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