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december randoms

Christmas is almost here.  This year doesn’t feel as rushed.  As stressful.  And when I think of the heartbreak and sheer hell all of those families are going through in Connecticut, it makes frantic To Do lists and worrying over what time to start holiday dinners seem trivial.

We are blessed.  We are together.  Nothing else matters.

The busy holiday photo session season has wound down.  And I can’t lie — it’s a welcome lull.  However, I had the great opportunity this week to shoot the cover image for February’s issue.  It was a really fun session — I’ve never watched a make-up and hair artist perform magic like he did on the lovely cover subject, but I am now fully convinced that I need someone to come to my house every morning to transform my face the way I saw this make-up artist do.  Wow.  It sure beats my “mascara and cherry chapstick” routine.

I’ll post here when the cover comes out in February.

I also tried to get a picture of my kids for a holiday card.  That went swimmingly… ha.


And it snowed. 
We went from this, just a few weeks ago…


…to Instant Winter this week.


But it makes the holiday lights in the yard look pretty.  And the thought of having a White Christmas this year — rather than a Brown Christmas like last year — is kind of nice.

Speaking of Instant Winter, last week, a little dog across the street from us had a mishap on a neighborhood pond…


I happened to have my camera already cued up (from trying to take the failed Christmas card picture of my kids), so I was able to catch the Shakopee Fire Department rescuing this lucky pup.


Winter may have come in one, quick snowfall, but the ice is still thin — good to remember.

Lastly, we got our holiday decorations up around the house last week.  The kittens (now 6 months old) have never seen a Christmas tree.

It took the smaller one 2 hours to figure out the ornaments came off.

And another 24 hours to figure out he could climb it.


Ah well.  At least they are enjoying the season.

icing on the cake

I’ve been watching some lovely holiday cards and wood gallery mounts march out the door this week! So pretty! GAH!

It’s so satisfying to see the final product. Like matching the clean socks after doing the laundry and having no extra socks leftover when you’re done. Total satisfaction.

I thought I’d quick post a picture of two canvas gallery wraps that are headed to their new homes this week.

This is a 20×30 canvas gallery wrap (1 1/2 inches deep):

And this is an 11×14 (also 1 1/2 inches deep):

So, so pretty — I love them!

december ~ family of five

Such a beautiful family and sweet, happy kids.

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