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the big one

This little guy ALSO just turned one!

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So many cute one-year-olds and handsome families lately…

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balloons and smash cake and cuteness

This little cutie pie just turned one.

rachel (1)

So we got together to take some pictures of her whole family.

rachel (2)

rachel (3)

(is it wrong that I think this next picture is hilarious and fantastic and perfect?)

rachel (4)

Then we took some pictures to help her celebrate her birthday!

And luckily, her mom brought some awesomely huge balloons.

rachel (5)

Because who doesn’t like balloons?

rachel (6)

I mean, seriously…?

rachel (7)

And her mom also brought CAKE!

rachel (8)

Because who doesn’t like cake?

rachel (9)

I mean, seriously?

rachel (10)

Thank you for letting me spend the afternoon with your lovely family and cutie pie 1-year-old.

rachel (11)

P.S. You guys have this whole parenting thing down-pat.

Keep up the good work.

rachel (12)

8 months old

It’s a pretty good gig, being 8 months old, adorable, having wonderful, loving parents and a very happy and fun big brother.

What a wonderful family. And I think this lovely girl knows she’s got it good.











waiting for spring to be sprung

Hi. I am still here. I swear.

And I have a wonderfully busy month of photos ahead with some great families that I am excited to see again. I’ve been waiting for Spring to go ahead and start doing its Spring Stuff, but it’s just not happening. So I am going to sally forth. Tally-ho!

Here, in the meantime, this is a picture of my daughter turning 7 (that is a cake made of fruit … because she is the only 1st grader on the planet who doesn’t like cake).



And a picture of the cats after the party. They were on Balloon Patrol for days. They bided their time until those birthday balloons lost their helium and eventually sank down to their feline demise.


Happy Spring. We will chat again very shortly…