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end duchenne

Earlier this month, I photographed a 5k fundraiser organized by and held at one of our local elementary schools.

The event was to support one of the school’s students, Xavier, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  This type of muscular dystrophy affects 1 in 3,600 boys and causes progressive muscle degeneration.  There is currently no cure for Duchenne.

The 5k was organized to help raise funds for both Xavier’s family and the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Organization. But even more-so, it was organized to show Xavier and his family how much the school supported and cared for them.

I’ve shared some images from the morning below, but they really don’t do the day justice.  That school was filled with love and community — teachers who tirelessly organized for months beforehand, students who came out in droves to show support for their fellow classmate, and families who wanted to be there to help however they could.

We should all be so lucky as to have this kind of community and support — a place to lean when it’s too hard to stand alone.  I’m so glad I was there to see it firsthand.


The official race cake!  Baked and decorated by one of the school’s very talented teachers:


Xavier (center) with two of the race organizing teachers:


Xavier graciously greeting some racegoers:



It was a rainy morning and the race start time was delayed an hour due to lightning.

The teachers kept everyone in good spirits during the wait:



Due to the unsafe weather, it was eventually decided that the race be moved inside the school.

But before the event officially started, the teachers gave a few words:


Xavier’s mom spoke, too.

Not a dry eye in the house.


And the man of the hour stood up to talk, as well:


After Xavier gave the go-ahead, the race (now a fun family walk) began:


Xavier cheered on every teacher, student, and friend:



Everyone took 5 laps around the entire school together. 

People were laughing and chatting and simply happy.


Xavier seemed pretty happy, too:



When the race was done, everyone headed for that awesome cake.


I had some, and it was good, I tell you. Goooooooood.


What a great morning.

A great event.


And a great kid.


To learn more about Duchenne or to make a donation to help find a cure, please click here.

the doctor is in

A good friend of mine is starting a private practice in mental health therapy very soon.  She has worked hard to get to this point and she deserves all of the success coming her way.

Since she needed a head shot for her website bio page, we headed out one evening to get her one.

We only took a handful, but this was our clear winner — this is the image that will be used on the website:


It’s so very her, with her totally natural and relaxed smile.

Now, even though we got our winning image, we still took a couple more, just for fun…


And I have to say: it’s too bad the site only needed a “head” shot and not a “full body” shot, because she was ROCKIN’ that blue dress, people.


Good luck with all of the great things coming your way, friend. 

You will do fantastically.

clean plate club

This guy was the first at the barn to finish his dinner last night.

He just hung his head there while everyone else kept quietly munching.

I’ve been there, buddy.  I’ve been there.