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summer has arrived

These two braved a hot, muggy Sunday afternoon with me to take some photos.

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The whole lovely family toughed it out, in fact.

As you can see, it was totally worth it:

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This handsome guy just turned 6 last month.

It’s good to be 6, you guys.


And little miss cutie pie just turned 2.

From what I can tell, being 2 is pretty awesome, as well.

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What great, happy kids.

And a fun, laid-back family.

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catching up on the cute

You’ve seen this beautiful girl before

She’s gotten even more lovely since then…


And she comes with a pretty sweet little brother now:


We had a little outdoor time for our session…


A little relaxing…


Some dandelion picking…



And a little family time, of course…




They’re pretty great kids, I must say. 

Pretty darn great.

natural habitat

Our kittens turned 1 year old last week.  I guess they’re not really kittens anymore. It’s hard to believe they have gone from this adorable size … to the big, hairy raccoons they are now.

They’ve had a pretty good year. They are settled in. They’re used to us and we’re used to them. We’ve learned their oddities — that they will only drink water out of a tall cup. That one cat refuses to groom himself while the other grooms himself to the point of ridiculousness.That they tolerate being carried around like babies by school-aged children.

And each cat has had one rescue via sheetrock removal.

So there’s that.


They like to cram themselves into this tiny window in the front hall every day and watch the world go by.

So this week, we decided to let them out on the porch to do a little exploring.  Now, the first time we did this with our old cat, he ran off and got lost in a corn field for a while.  So we were a little skittish about what these two would do.

They were nervous at first…


But then they seemed to settle in.


And they seemed to especially enjoy a closer view of all of those flying birds they’ve only seen through the windowpane.


Ahhh, pets.  Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

So you just learn to lint roll your black pants every time you leave the house.