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mid-summer update

Well, they put out the school supplies at Target.

So I guess that means we are officially past the Summer Midpoint.  Which is hard to believe — it feels like my kids just got done with school last week.

Here they are doing a “happy dance” on the front porch on the last day of school last month:


And then, of course, we had to celebrate the oldest turning 10.

Double digits.  I have a child who is in the DOUBLE DIGITS, people.


And then summer could begin. 

You know, the usual stuff at the lake…


And in the yard…


And just generally out and about.


If the second half of summer lives up to the first half, we will have had a pretty wonderful break by the time Fall arrives.

And for that, I am thankful.

And since no update of mine would be complete without some mention of the cats… let me just say, the cats are enjoying their summer, as well:


Here is the slightly dumber one hanging his head down the Barbie House elevator shaft.

I think he fancies himself as Catzilla.


And as long as we’re talking about cats, here is our neighbor’s cat on our front sidewalk.

She’s begging for belly pets here.

Don’t worry — I can assure you we fulfilled her request.


5 days old

Last week, I got to sneak in and meet the newest addition to one of my favorite families.

He’s ridiculously adorable.

westblog (1)

westblog (2)

So he fits in quite well with his adorable big brother and his lovely parents.

westblog (3)

westblog (4)

westblog (5)

westblog (6)

westblog (7)

westblog (8)

What a lucky boy. And a fantastic family.

happy boy

This cutie pie just turned 7 months old.

camoblog (1)

He’s a very lucky, very loved little boy:

camoblog (2)

camoblog (3)

camoblog (4)

camoblog (6)

camoblog (7)

camoblog (8)

camoblog (10)

I’m so glad I got to meet this happy little guy and his very fun and funny parents, too.

What a great family.