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3 years + 4 months

If you follow this blog, you’ll recognize this cutie pie:

farmblog1 (1)

He just turned 3 and has an equally cute 4-month-old brother now…

farmblog1 (2)

farmblog1 (3)

And that seems to be working out pretty well for everyone.

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These guys are honestly one of my favorite families to photograph.

Adorable kids and easy-going parents.  They’re always game for the weird spots I place them and put up with my nonstop talking and usual, slightly awkward self.

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It’s good to be a baby, you guys…

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Thanks for a fun session.

Have a great holiday season!

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two times two

These two-year-old twins are pretty darn adorable.

And they come with great parents, to boot.

It’s a winning combo, I tell you…

claublog (1)

claublog (2)

claublog (3)

claublog (4)

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I couldn’t resist these next three pics…

Such a great mom/kiddo moment.

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claublog (7)

claublog (8)

Thanks for a great Fall afternoon together, you guys.

Enjoy your holiday season!

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almost 4, almost 2, plus winnie-the-pooh

Do you know who wins the award for happiest sisters on a chilly October afternoon…?




Holy moly, they were so cute and fun to photograph.


And I love that little sister kept her Winnie-the-Pooh nearby.

I think it is totally adorable.  He is clearly an important member of the family.  🙂



Such a beautiful big sister:


… and an easy family to work with.








Thanks for a fun afternoon. 

Have a great holiday season, you guys!

fantastic five years

I met up with these two over the weekend and we took some pictures to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

Five years! What a wonderful, huge milestone.

And these two are still clearly head over heels for each other…

kallblog (1)

kallblog (2)

kallblog (3)

kallblog (4)

kallblog (5)

kallblog (6)

kallblog (7)

Could they be any cuter?…

kallblog (8)

Such a wonderfully handsome couple…

kallblog (9)

…who were definitely meant to be together.

kallblog (10)

kallblog (11)

Thanks for fun evening, you two. 

I’m so glad I got to hang out with you and I hope you have a FANTASTIC anniversary!