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a new year

Oh my gosh, I am still alive.  And I am guilty of some serious blog neglect, I know.  Over the holidays, my energies were focused more on cookies and little tiny smoked wieners bathed in barbecue sauce than they were focused on this blog.  I can’t help it — I am helpless against salty meat or buttercream frosting.

So … a quick catch up!  I don’t know which order to go in, so let’s start with the CUTEST!

Our good friends got a golden retriever puppy for Christmas.  And I love him and want to make him mine.


I think we visited the dog 3 times during his first 5 days in his new home.  We MAY have overstayed our welcome (thank goodness we have gracious friends).  But oh man, overstaying our welcome in order to visit this adorable fuzzball was worth it, you guys…


But I don’t think our cats enjoyed us coming home over and over again with puppy smell all over us.

They were not pleased…


So now, the holidays!

First, there was Halloween…


A “kitty” and “Charlie Brown going as a ghost.”

They made the costumes themselves, so I was on board.  It saved me a trip to Party America.


Then Thanksgiving — so much gravy! — and then my mom came over and baked cookies with my daughter and me.

My mom taught my daughter the ins and outs of rolling cookie dough.


Grandma is a good teacher because my daughter caught on pretty quickly.


This was our final product.  Like, 8,000 frosted sugar cookies or so.

It’s so weird that my pants are so tight after the holidays, you guys … I just CAN’T figure out why that is…


Then came Christmas.

Here is a shot-by-shot of my daughter opening her big gift — first not believing it was what it was, then realizing she really got it.



It was pretty fun to watch.

We had a wonderful Christmas and a quiet, happy New Year.  Our family has some fun things to look forward to this year, which I am excited about.

But I am mostly thankful that we are healthy and we are together.  That pretty much takes the cake.