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Two blog posts in one day — hang onto your hats!…

My husband and I have been talking about taking our kids to Hawaii since they were tiny babies.

And this was the year we finally did it.


We spent 11 lovely days on 2 Hawaiian islands.

It was fantastic.

I won’t lie to you — coming home from this trip was the most bummed I’ve ever been after a vacation.  It took me a solid week to accept the fact that the vacation was over and I couldn’t wear flip flops and a swimsuit all day and couldn’t walk to the beach after breakfast to snorkel and play in the waves.

The good news is that the memories are still fresh and we have lots of pictures to help us remember.  Here are just a few…

This is our kids swimming on Waikiki Beach under Diamond Head crater.


Of all of the beaches we saw, I think Waikiki was the prettiest (although the busiest).

hawaii (4)

This was our kids’ first time in the ocean and they loved playing in the waves.

It never got old for them.

hawaii (5)

hawaii (6)

hawaii (7)

Honolulu was beautiful.  You can see the City at dusk here (that is Diamond Head in the back).

hawaii (14)

It was a whirlwind of people and beaches and city life and oh-so-much traffic.  Like a little Los Angeles, but moved onto a gorgeous island.

We stayed there for 4 days.

On the main drag with all of the expensive shops, there were these stones on the sidewalks that showed different Hawaiian words and their meanings.  I thought it was really neat (although I don’t think my husband appreciated me stopping so often to take pictures of them).

hawaii (15)

So after 4 days in Honolulu, we flew to Maui.

I think it was even more beautiful.  Quiet and gorgeous.  Water and sand.  I never checked my watch.  Never knew the date.  It was just a week of happiness.

hawaii (16)

hawaii (17)

We spent a lot of time in the water.  If we weren’t swimming or snorkeling in the ocean, we were swimming or snorkeling in a pool somewhere.

The kids snorkeled ALL the time.  We mostly just saw the tops their heads whenever they were in water.

hawaii (8)

hawaii (9)

We did some paddleboarding.

This is my son, waiting to catch a wave…

hawaii (10)

And we went to a luau.

My husband and I had low expectations (after reading hundreds of reviews on Yelp), but it ended up being an awesome night, and probably one of the kids’ favorite things we did.  We are so glad we went.

hawaii (11)

hawaii (12)

hawaii (13)

We made it to the top of Haleakala Mountain.

You can see what my son thought of the extremely winding drive back down the mountain.  :/

hawaii (18)

And we went out to see the whales.

That is a momma whale on the left, and her baby (his tail) on the right.

hawaii (19)

But mostly, we just spent time together.

hawaii (20)

hawaii (21)

It was a wonderful trip.

Worth the wait.

hawaii (22)


in our neck of the woods

On a recent Friday, I got to babysit my neighbor’s adorable 2-year-old.

She was easy-peasy all day and made a great grocery store shopping companion.

She really liked being in my daughter’s bedroom, so we did a little bed-jumping in there…

april (4)

april (3)

april (2)

It was a big hit.

april (5)

Then we ate a little lunch and goofed around for a bit.

april (6)

april (7)

She is a cutie pie.

And good news!  Her new baby brother is due to arrive in just a few short weeks so we will get to see her in some more pictures!

I have a pretty solid hunch she will make a fantastic big sister.

april (8)

So, what else…?

Our friends’ golden retriever puppy is still as cute as ever…

april (9)

april (10)

And our cats still don’t like it…

april (11)

And we attended my daughter’s first concert with her new choir.

That is her in the front row, far left.  To say she was “into it” would be an understatement.

april (12)

april (13)

The concert was hosted by two talented singers from CANTUS.

They kept us all very entertained between the students’ performances.

april (14)

It was a lovely evening.

Great kids, great conductors, great music.

april (15)