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two weeks new

This beautiful little guy is just two-and-a-half weeks old.

WEB (2)

And he comes with an equally beautiful mama.

WEB (3)

WEB (4)

WEB (5)

They don’t come much sweeter than this.

WEB (6)

WEB (7)

WEB (8)

WEB (9)

WEB (10)

He even comes with an adorable new big sister!

WEB (11)

And she is doing a fantastic job in her new Big Sister role.

WEB (12)

And their wonderful Dad was there, too, of course.

WEB (13)

WEB (14)

WEB (15)

Such a gorgeous family.

Lucky parents.  Lucky kids.

WEB (16)

WEB (17)

WEB (18)

making music

My 8-year-old daughter is involved with a great organization called Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs. This year, the Angelica Cantanti choirs had the rare and wonderful opportunity to sing their final Spring concert at Orchestra Hall (EEEK!, OMG YOU GUYS!, ORCHESTRA HALL!, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!, SO BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL!).

Orchestra Hall doesn’t allow photography during performances, so the Angelica organization had its wonderfully talented photographer Mark Riddle take on the task of being the designated photographer for the evening. And since he’s just one guy and it’s hard to be 20 places at once, they asked if I’d be a 2nd designated photographer.

Which, of course, was a no-brainer — I would have been bummed not to get to take any photos in this beautiful venue. So being granted permission AND given a “Pit Pass” on an official-looking lanyard was something I could definitely agree to.

So I got to take a lot of wonderfully fun pictures of some wonderfully talented kids. I’ll only post a handful below (because man-oh-man, I took a lot), but I wish these pictures could somehow convey the beautiful music and energy those kids produced together — it was truly wonderful.


The day before the concert, the kids got to rehearse with renowned conductor Dr. Rollo Dilworth. Dr. Dilworth has worked with Angelica before and flew in from Philadelphia to work with them again for this event.

Dr. Dilworth was so great with the kids and knew exactly how to pull the best music out of them:


Here is Dr. Dilworth leading the kids through warm-up exercises:


And going through songs with them ONE MORE TIME the next day, just an hour before the concert (my daughter was so excited to tell me, “Mom! Dr. Dilworth doesn’t use paper music — he uses an iPad when he conducts!”):


There are 4 choirs total (grouped generally by age).  Once the concert began, each choir performed a few songs on stage with just their group, and then all of the choirs performed together.

This is my daughter’s choir (the youngest choir) during their performance with their wonderful conductor:


And this is my daughter (on the far right) flashing us her little smile once she found us in the balcony:


After each choir performed alone (from the youngest choir to the oldest), they all performed together, under the direction of Dr. Dilworth:



It was moving and goosebump-inducing and tear-jerking.

Those kids put their hearts and souls into their music and I’m so glad I was there to see it and to feel it.


If you are interested in the Angelica Cantanti organization for your child, please check out their website!  Auditions for new choir members are being held May through August.  And if our shy 8-year-old can audition, your kid can do it, too.  🙂