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party of five

A beautiful family. A beautiful afternoon. I love how this session turned out…

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I love a good baby and a good toddler. I do.

But sometimes, I’m ready for some serious conversation with grade-schoolers.  I wanna talk recess, cursive handwriting, and field trips.

And these two were JUST the fun conversationalists I was looking for…

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Their whole family was pretty fun, in fact.

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Martinez (28)

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And you know how I can’t resist some delicious back-lighting…

mart (11)

Martinez (44)

Thanks for a fun session and some great chat time, kiddos.

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good stuff. objectively.

These guys are one of my favorite families to photograph.

Maybe I’m biased because they are also good friends and I love their awesome kiddos…

But no.

I think we can all objectively agree here … great family to photograph.













Thanks for a fun afternoon, you guys.

AND for tour-guiding me around a lovely new location — it was great.


times two

Three year old twins.

That is a lot of cuteness.

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It is HARD WORK being this adorable…

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Fun, happy kids and wonderful parents.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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a new big sister

It’s hard work to be a new big sister.

char (1)

Plus, babies cry a lot.

char (2)

And you have to do some waiting around while the new baby does its new baby stuff.

char (3)

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char (5)

It can be hard to know what to think.

char (6)

But I think this new big sister is catching on pretty quick.

char (7)

She’s got a good mom and dad to show her the way.

char (8)

And her new little sister is awfully cute, which helps quite a bit.

char (9)

char (10)

Yep, I think she’ll settle into this big sister business just fine.

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apple orchard

One of my favorite families to photograph suggested we hit the apple orchard for pictures this fall.

And I’m so glad they did.

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Apples are fun, you guys.

So, so fun.

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It was a wonderful, apple-filled afternoon.

And I love how the pictures turned out.

Yay for Fall!