no sessions yet…

I thought I would check in since it’s been a while!

I am still not booking sessions, but I’m still here.  Still kicking.  Still eating all of the cookies and wondering why my pants are so tight.

As a family, we are also still spending lots of time on the lake…

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I mean, LOTS and lots of time on the lake.
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I’m still taking pictures of everyone’s pets.
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And there is still a lot of cat hair at my house.
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The kids are keeping busy with the usual – choir, softball pitching, and acting…
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softball greta pitch jocelyn shakopee

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And one of them became a teenager, but is still as wonderful and kind and funny as ever.

We are lucky for that.
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My husband is still running marathons and we all still go and cheer him on.
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And we still never miss the State Fair.
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Overall, life is good.

I hope all is well with you guys, too.
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