apple orchard

One of my favorite families to photograph suggested we hit the apple orchard for pictures this fall.

And I’m so glad they did.

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Apples are fun, you guys.

So, so fun.

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It was a wonderful, apple-filled afternoon.

And I love how the pictures turned out.

Yay for Fall!

on the wall

Don’t ask me how many nail holes it took to get these pictures all lined up on my wall, you guys.

I can take the photos, but I should really leave the hammering and nailing to someone else.



By the way, the left canvas is my son and daughter at ages 6 and 3.

The middle canvas and framed pictures are them at ages 11 and 8.

And yes, we keep the cat toys in that cupboard.

lovely in september

This is the 3rd year I’ve taken photos for this beautiful family and I think this is the nicest weather we’ve had so far.

Although these guys look perfect no matter what…

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hblog (4)

Such good kids…

hblog (5)

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hblog (10)

Thanks for spending an hour with me on such a beautiful September afternoon!

sisters ~ 5 days old and 3 yrs old

It’s a good gig, being the new baby sister in the house.

damblog (3)

damblog (2)

Especially when you have a fun big sister to show you the ropes.

damblog (4)

damblog (5)

damblog (6)

damblog (7)

(I’m not saying this next picture is my favorite picture of the year so far … but I’m not saying it’s not)…

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Beautiful family, two beautiful daughters.

I love how their photos turned out.

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a note about fall sessions

Hello! I wanted to quick post a note for any potential session families to let you know that October weekend session dates are now filled. There are still August weekends available, the first weekend in September is available, and the beginning of November is available (I usually cut off around Nov. 15 due to the dropping temps and how hard that is on little ones).

And because I can’t do a post without some pictures, here is what’s been happening in our neck of the woods:

A little lake time…


A little more lake time…


And then a TINY bit more lake time (yes, he is a very skilled boy, we are very proud)…


Some hanging around with friends (I think they were comparing missing teeth)…


And just some hanging around…


And a very first 5k for our 11 year old (my husband served as his mobile cheering section)…


He finished in 27:06.  Not too shabby for a 5th grader!


I’ll be back soon!

And then we can swap Minnesota August stories. Until then, enjoy this beautiful summer of ours. 🙂

spring chickens

You’ve seen these two before!

They are getting cuter, I tell you…

ehrblog (1)

The whole family is looking fantastic!

ehrblog (2)

We had a hot, humid afternoon for photos, but as usual, the kids didn’t seem to notice.

They were busy with other things…

ehrblog (3)

I am pretty sure we saw Mother Goose, you guys…

ehrblog (4)

Such a great family.

Happy kids and loving parents.

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Thanks for a fun, easy session!

And I’m glad none of us melted (although I think your Mom and I came pretty close!).  🙂

two weeks new

This beautiful little guy is just two-and-a-half weeks old.

WEB (2)

And he comes with an equally beautiful mama.

WEB (3)

WEB (4)

WEB (5)

They don’t come much sweeter than this.

WEB (6)

WEB (7)

WEB (8)

WEB (9)

WEB (10)

He even comes with an adorable new big sister!

WEB (11)

And she is doing a fantastic job in her new Big Sister role.

WEB (12)

And their wonderful Dad was there, too, of course.

WEB (13)

WEB (14)

WEB (15)

Such a gorgeous family.

Lucky parents.  Lucky kids.

WEB (16)

WEB (17)

WEB (18)